How to make screenshots with Fraps

Fraps 3.2.3 rus is a computer program which is able to work with all games using DirectX or OpenGL and has a number of advantages:
- count the number of FPS (frames per second) in your applications.
- ability to capture video
- screenshot creation in games etc.

You may be thinking, why not use the standard PrintScreen+Paint, the answer is simple, you will not need to minimize the game and paste the screenshot into Paint. Fraps 3.2.3 do everything for you!

The first thing we need is to download the program Fraps. Take it here: or here:

Once downloaded, run the installation file from the archive Fraps.v3.2.3.11796.retail.exe and install with default settings. After installing, run Fraps.

After launching see a welcome window (the General tab):

Fraps, tab: general
There, we reported that the program is registered on Cesar Aracena (who he is I don't know, but I thank him for sharing license,=)), and also set some options. It is recommended to put a tick exactly as in the screenshot, but I will explain their purpose.
- Start FRAPS minimized - Launch the program minimized
- FRAPS windows always on top - the program Window always on top
- Run FRAPS when Windows starts - Start when Windows starts
- Monitor Aero desktop (DWM) - Allows you to take screenshots of the desktop (only Vista and 7)
- Minimize to system tray only - the termination of the program exclusively in the system tray (to watch)

After put a tick in the required order, go to tab FPS:

Fraps, tab FPS
This tab enables you to measure performance in the games and for our needs at the moment is not needed. However, to further ease of use, you should specify a folder in which to store test results (Folder to save benchmarks in). This is done by pressing the Change. Also you can set the button to start/stop the test (Benchmarking Hotkey, click the mouse in the box, click the one you want), test setup (the data which will be recorded, Benchmark Settings, the duration of the testStop benchmark after XX seconds, click responsible for rendering this right in the game (Overlay Hotkey), and position on the screen where you will see these data (Overlay Corner)

The next tab Movies is used for removing videos:

Fraps, tab: movies
For our purposes (snapshots) it doesn't need, but I can not describe, because now you can upnload videos too! FRAPS can capture video with just a single button click. To all works successfully set the folder where you will store the rollers Folder to save movies in). ATTENTION! FRAPS make videos with NO compression of a video track, the size of one minute video can reach 1-2 Gigabytes. Then ask the button start/stop video recordingVideo Capture Hotkeyand video quality settings (Video Capture Settings, you can only select the number of fps (60, 50, 30 or anything) and resolution of the video (full-size - resolution equal to the resolution of the monitor, half-size - resolution equal to half of your monitor resolution. Sound settings (Sound Capture Settings) I advise you not to touch.

And now we finally reached tab Screenshots, which was our goal.

Fraps, tab: screenshots
Settings are minimum, but enough. The first thing that we do is specify the folder where to store our screenshots (Folder to save screenshots in, folder set-Change. Next, specify the button on pressing which will be shot screenshots Screen Capture Hotkey). For the convenience recommend click PrntScrn in the end it was created exactly for this purpose. Next, choose the screenshot format (Image Format). Because the best ratio of image quality and file size is achieved with the format .jpg, select it. All the checkboxes in Screen Capture Settings removing.

Well and now the main thing is.. how exactly to do screenshots. And so. Run the game and start playing. During the game at that moment that we want to capture a screenshot, press the button specified in Fraps (e.g. PrntScr). And all. In the folder specified in the program will appear exactly the screenshots, how many times have you pressed the right button. Choose the most beautiful and add them to your mods.

How beautifully make a screenshot (on the example of GTA San Andreas)

So, for example, we've added a mod of car and want to publish it. To publish we need to do screenshots. That screenshot shpuld be without unnecessary labels screen (such as radar, HUD interface of the player) we disable them.

Launch GTA San Andreas and go to the OPTIONS (Settings - Rus. version).
Next, go to the DISPLAY SETUP (display settings) and see before us here this screen:

Gta San Andreas video settings
translate in the state OFF paragraphs:
Should turn out as well as on the screenshot.

Now run the game itself. Spown a new car using GTA San Andreas Crazy Trainer +151 v2.0
Sit down in the car, select the most optimal approximation - - V - (change of camera angle) and make screenshots by pressing Prt Scrn (the button that you configured in Fraps). bring the car to the maximum, otherwise you'll have a bunch of background and a little machine in the middle.

Screenshots better to do at the daytime in the game, to machine looked clearly!
Good luck!

REMIND, add a mod on the site here:
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