1 year from date of release of GTA VCS for PS3

1 year from the date of release of GTA VCS for PS3 (PSN)
the Release of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories (GTA VCS) for PS3 (PSN) in North America has become one of the most anticipated events in 2013. Fans of 3D-shooter waited for him for the past 7 years since the launch of the game on the PSP in 2006.

Developers GTA VCS for PS3

Adaptation GTA VCS gaming platforms PS3 (PSN) is traditionally practiced software engineers Rockstar. The distribution of finished products in addition to the company Rockstar has involved representatives of the Russian company SoftClub. In the 21st century, representatives of the companies have established close business relations with the aim of accelerating implementation of the finished product. Due to this, the time between releases GTA VCS for the PS3 in North America and Russia was reduced to 1 day.

The release of the game was preceded by a lot of interesting events related to public expectations and peculiarities of development. Let's consider some of them in more detail.

the Author's intent and interesting facts about GTA VCS

The basis of 3D-shooter was based on a realistic peace and democracy. City Vice City is only a virtual analog of the real geographical areas. Events in the city exploded in 1984 with the inherent time nuances (clothes, manners of the people, the occupation, the appearance of buildings and the like).

The main character Viktor Banks endowed with freedom of choice. He is free to follow the missions or expand their operations in any part of the public movement for the game world.
The airport in Vice City was named in honor of Pablo Escobar. He is one of the most bloodthirsty and known drug lords of the 20th century.

Features some missions suggests that the game developers liked to listen to music by Freddie mercury. One line from his song «Don't Stop Me Now» is identical to the name of the mission Havana good time».

The game GTA VCS for PS3 is inherent not only to the realism of the underworld, but also scenes of explicit nature. According to international age ratings ESRB and PEGI admission to the game can get only persons older than 18 years. However, to control all is not possible, the more the game is freely distributed on the Internet.

the Official release of GTA VCS on PS3

On forums and blogs with the upcoming release described marked «not available», that English is translated as «uncertainty». The suspense was related to the leakage of information about the upcoming release and its distortions on different news sites. Therefore, prior to the official statements of the representatives Rokstar no one could confidently say the exact date of release.

The official release of GTA VCS for PS3 was traditionally held in North America on 2 April 2013. The event immediately started to be actively discussed in public, and was covered in the electronic and printed media.

Despite the low price of the original copy of 3D-shooter (about$20), after the game is released on the Internet has rapidly started to appear pirated copies. Some of them were workers, the second - limited functionality, third - infected. With the tightening of laws on copyright and related rights in 2014 the number of pirated copies of paid modifications GTA VCS be kept to a minimum.

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