The results of the competition 09.07 - 16.07

Winner of the competition as at 16.07.2014

Today once again we sum up the weekly contest "Prizes top rated users".

the winner of the contest for the period from the ninth to the sixteenth of July 2014 became the user gavrilejko that on the last day of the competition managed to break away from rivals and won the first place. To escape in the first place Top gavrilejko without errors added to the site for the week 16 mods, who scored 29 likes (at the time of summing up the results of the contest)!

As a reward the winner can choose 1 of 30 licensed games presented on the page with the rules of the contest.

Popular fashion from the winner

Remote control car
- Remote control car for GTA San Andreas
- Raspredelitel for GTA San Andreas
- Standing Somersault for GTA San Andreas
- C-HUD Expert for GTA San Andreas
- Autorepair for GTA San Andreas
- Surf and Fly for GTA San Andreas

Want to get the prize next week? Any user of the website GTAViceCity.RU can participate in this contest. To win, you just need to add quality fashion to the site. We wish good luck to all participants following the bankruptcy of the week!

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2014-07-16 09:09:52

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