How to buy a garage in GTA 4

The garage in GTA 4

The garage in GTA 4, as a type of a real estate, is available only during the passage the slot missions.  It is impossible to store motorbikes and cars in private garage. And there is no opportunity to purchase it in own property. The only kind of real estate which is available in the game is the house (Apartments and penthouses are located on the different parts of map. The player gets five private properties in his own during the passage the missions. The gameplay forces the character to move from one home to another, which is given him after the finish the mission). Two empty parking places for your cars will be available for use near the house. Any car you leave within the yellow limit will remains even in case of prolonged absence or during the sleep.

Why do you need a garage in Grand Theft Auto 4? The answer is simple – you have to steal cars, motorbikes often. But you need to store them somewhere. Stevie's garage is the only place to park stolen vehicles for sale.

Tuning garage in GTA 4
A modification will help add a parking space.  It also allows, among other things, to use tuning, because this function is not available since GTA: San Andreas. Here you can really pump the car: for example, paint the car, add the function of bulletproof, suspension and much more.

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