How to dial the phone in GTA 4

How to dial a phone number in GTA 4

With every new part of the Grand Theft Auto the abilities of mobile device expands: a sort of evolution of phones. In the first parts the mobile phone worked in automatic mode, so it was not possible to use it for any purpose. In the third part, the appearance of the device appeared, but the functions were again limited – there were only opportunities to receive or reject calls.

The cell phone in GTA 4
But in the fourth part everything has changed. It became available not only to pull the device, but also:
  • To read the incoming messages;
  • To call the ambulance, police and support;
  • To read the mms;
  • To call the friends - to dial up the number;
  • To use the cam;
  • To view reminders and notifications.
It is just not possible to pass the game without these functions. To use the device, you have to press the key “Up” on the keyboard.

Mobile phone in GTA 4
In the beginning of the game the phone is not available to use, though it is displayed in the corner of the screen. But the disappointment doesn’t last for a long time. After the passage of some missions the phone is available to use.

On the question - how to use cheats - there is an answer - it is with the help of the mobile phone cheat is introduced. It must be entered in the format 999-999-9999, where the number 9 is an unique number to enter the code.

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