Where to get scuba gear in GTA 5

The vast world of GTA 5 gives the player such a huge number of opportunities. The land territory in the game is huge, about 90 sq. km, however, in addition to solid ground in the game there are also lots of underwater locations and, believe me, at the bottom of the ocean in GTA 5 hidden treasure, a lot of interesting things, from beautiful coral reefs, home to many different animals peacefully living their lives, ending an ancient sunken ships, inviting the curious player. Who knows what could be in there? Of course, as in real life, the characters that fall under our control, can't breathe under water. Therefore, to safely survey underwater site of GTA 5 we will need the scuba gear. Here's what is of interest to many inquisitive players GTA 5 - scuba gear. This article will tell you where to get scuba gear in GTA 5 and where to find the scuba gear in GTA 5 Online.

And so, where to get scuba gear in GTA? If you have long think where to buy scuba gear in GTA 5, leave it, it can't be bought. The only way to get this miracle of engineering is seek it in water transport (similar to a parachute that appears in your inventory once you take a seat in the aircraft). Inflatable boat or submersible is suitable. Just climb inside and come out again - aqualung magically appears on you and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful underwater views of GTA 5 as long as you want. Just be careful - the sharks will be happy to regale you and still will ask for supplements. And waht about the question: where to get scuba gear in GTA 5 Online. There is no aqualung in GTA Online but instead there is a Rebreather, that become avaliable in Ammu-Nation after completing of Humane Raid heist.

Boat to get an aqualung Minisub to get an aqualung
The location of the submersible and inflatable boats marked on the screenshots. The only thing to say is that to gain access to the submarine you have to buy the boathouse. It's price is $ 250 000.

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