Ways to return a purchased vehicle in GTA 5

How to return in GTA 5 car

How to return a purchased vehicle in GTA 5

GTA 5 has an open world that is indeed very realistic and fascinating, but sometimes players encounter certain problems that could break the immersion. For example, some cars just disappear, even if you bought them. In this article we’ll show you how to return your lost vehicle in GTA 5.

The return of the machine in GTA 5
Say you’ve completed a mission, stopped your car somewhere and went about your day. Once you come back – the car is not there anymore. What do you do? In order to return your lost vehicle, find a car icon on the map and go there. The car will be parked when you arrive, but you'll have to pay a 250$ fine to get it back. Only then can you get in the car and continue exploring Los Santos and the Blain County.

In GTA 5 to bring back the purchased car
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