How to train Chop in GTA 5

 Chop in GTA 5
Grand Theft Auto 5 brought a lot of innovations and interesting mechanics to the series. One of the updates is animals-wild animals in the mountains and woods, stray cats on the streets, as well as a pet dog of one of the main characters. Let's figure out how to interact with it within the game.

Franklin's dog

The pet takes part in the game's storyline. It is associated with some tasks at the beginning of the passage, as well as part of the functions in the official mobile app iFruit.


The dog's name is Chop. Breed-Rottweiler. Initially, it is a favorite of Lamar-a friend of the main character. However, after completing the mission, Hood Safari offers Franklin to take the animal into his care. The character agrees, since he has long been familiar with Chop – he could walk him, feed him, or take him for a ride in the van.

The dog is represented by a non-unique model – similar animals can be found all over Los Santos. A distinctive feature is the green collar. The more time the hero devotes to the pet, the more useful it becomes when searching for UFO debris.

Related quests

In story mode, 3 missions are associated with the dog:
  • Chop. The first task with Chop, during which Franklin not only gives commands, but also looks at the world through the eyes of a dog. With the help of a four-legged friend, you need to find a car with a hidden enemy. As a result, the pet leads the characters to another dog. You can manage the Chop in the first person only in this quest and in a free walk.
  • Hood Safari. Franklin and Lamar are involved in a deal with Ballas representatives. The main characters take chop with them to the operation.
  • Predator. The murder of all the O'neill brothers, involving a pet dog.
dog Chop in GTA 5

Interaction with a dog

In addition to story tasks, the player can walk the pet in their free time. To do this, switch to Franklin and return to the main house, then go to the booth marked with the dice icon. Below is an instruction on how to train a chop in a single game GTA 5 on different platforms.


When controlling with the keyboard, you should approach the dog and hold the right mouse button for aiming. Then you need to left-click to activate the interaction. This way you can call the chop for a walk. Franklin will go anywhere in Los Santos, and the dog will follow him until he returns to the booth.

To play ball with an animal, open the weapon wheel on Tab and select the item icon – it is located in the place of a cold weapon. Then aim with the right button and throw the ball with the left button. Chop will run for the item and bring it to the owner.

Chop Training

On the PlayStation 3 – 4 console

On both generations of the console, the control in GTA V does not differ. While next to the Rottweiler, hold down the L2 button and click R1 once. The ball to throw is selected through the weapon wheel. For 100% completion of the game, use the opportunity at least once.

On Xbox 360 – One

The Microsoft Xbox game console in both generations does not differ in terms of management. To activate the walk mode with the LT button pressed near the chop, press RB. To hold a tennis ball in your hand, hold LB and use the left stick to select the edged weapon slot. Use the cross to switch to the ball icon.


When the pumping level through iFruit reaches its maximum, a number of commands will appear when interacting with the Chop. With their help, you can release the dog or conduct a training session.

Below are the activation buttons for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, respectively:
  • Release the dog from the leash-PCM + LCM; RB; R2;
  • Search for collectibles - PCM + Space; RT; R1;
  • "Sit!" - PCM + Q; circle; X;
  • "Give me your paw!" - PCM + R; square; B;
  • "To Serve!" - PCM + E; cross: A;
  • Pat the pet – triangle on the Dualshock; Y button on the Xbox.
You can teach the dog these commands via the mobile app. If you do not feed, please, or walk the chop, the interaction menu will be blocked.

To enter the body of the beast, hold down the Alt key and select the appropriate icon on the character wheel.

The iFruit app

Training chop in GTA 5 is only possible in the iFruit program for current mobile platforms. The app allows you to train, walk, feed and water your dog.

Installing on your phone and logging in

To train a chop, install the program on your iOS or Android phone:
Both versions of the app are distributed free of charge. Sections and management on Android and iOS are the same. To sync with the game, log in to your Rockstar Social Club account, which is linked to a licensed copy of GTA.


The next element of interaction is walking along the beach, street, and Park. Each location has a different design and gameplay:
  • The Beach. It is necessary to help the Chop to steal as many swimsuits as possible from the vacationing girls. You should be wary of umbrellas and pitchers that drive the dog away.
  • The Street. In the Chamberlain hills home district, unpleasant events are constantly occurring. This time, the Chop should drive the Ballas away from the owner's car.
  • The Park. In the green zone, the pet is walking with his lady of the heart. It is necessary to drive away other dogs that interfere with love privacy.
Walk on the beach with Chop
At the end of the timer, the player receives accumulated credits that are required to buy food and drink.


To tame the beast, launch the app and open the Chop The Dog section. The player will see a Rottweiler and a booth. In the upper-left corner, a joy scale is displayed, filled in as you feed, walk, and so on. On the right is the credit counter and a list of features that can be used to please the beast:
  • food;
  • water, beverages;
  • walk;
  • the gifts, and accessories.
Credits are earned on walks, and are restored automatically over time. Each type of food and drink has indicators of the duration of hunger and thirst quenching.

Please the dog can buy a new collar, which will change not only in the app, but also in the GTA V.

It is recommended not to spend all the credits on food and entertainment, but to invest part of the amount in training. To do this, click on the button with the medal icon and repeat the exercises several times. Also available is a mini-game with a ball that repeats the lessons on a walk in a full-fledged GTA.

Chop Attack in GTA 5
If you cheer up the Rottweiler in the app, when you enter the GTA V story mode, it will execute any commands, help in searching for UFO debris and scraps of letters.

Video about chop training

For more information about the implemented features of interaction with the Chop in the story game, mobile app, and the relationship between them, see the video.


Rockstar Games tried to convey the realism of dog ownership. If the animal is not trained, it will not perform useful commands. If you do not train your pet constantly and do not pay attention, it will become sad and refuse to walk. Animal care is implemented in the form of Tamagotchi and a number of mini-games.

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