Map of flights under the bridge in GTA 5

Map of flights under the bridge in Grand Theft Auto 5
Map of flights under the bridge in GTA 5
In GTA 5 you can make 50 flights under the bridge. Their implementation is necessary for 100% completion of GTA 5, and also to receive one of the achievements / trophies. For doing under the bridge flights you will need any aircraft, although helicopters are preferable: a smaller size and better control considerably simplifies the task. When making some passing under the bridge you shouldn't touch neither bridge nor land or water under it, try to perform these flights carefully and without haste - speed here has no effect. Map of flights under the bridge in GTA 5 shows all 50 locations where you can go under the bridge.

100% completion of GTA 5
For 100% completion of GTA 5 you do not need to perform all flights under the bridge—the half (25 of 50 flights) is enough.

Achievement / trophy “Close Shave”
For the achievement / trophy “Close Shave” you have to perform all of the fifty flights under the bridge, as well as all fifteen of knife flights.

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