All the vehicles of GTA 5 on the map

Cars maps

On the full map you can find all the unique automobiles, that you can use in the GTA 5 game. Rare vehicles are hidden in unknown and dismal districts of the city.
All of them you can see on the map of vehicles, but you should look for it attentively and complete some missions to find the hidden automobile. It is rather easy to do it in the game.

Secret places with cars

From the first versions of the game there always were places where you was able to get unique automobiles. In the GTA game there are a lot of such places too:
  1. In the place, that is called Rockford Hills you can get vehicle, that is called Adder.
  2. On the West, not far from Richman on its parking lot you can find such rare automobiles as Infernus and Cheetah.
  3. Tuned automobiles you can find on the East of Southern Los-Santos, in its port.
  4. If you want to find the tow truck , you better search for it on the parking of Los-Santos airport.
Variants of searching different brands of cars are marked with special symbol on the map.
While playing GTA 5 game you are able to invite your personal mechanic to repair the car, that is basic for you in the game. You don't need to buy basic car, it is installed in your garage from the begging of the game. When you complete certain missions, you will get the opportunity to repair or exchange your car by passing through a special link.

Of course, there would be a lot of people, who wanted to get armored automobile in the GTA 5, which is very rare in the game. There are two ways, how you can get this vehicle: buy it in the internet catalogue of cars. You would be able to do it, when you will complete the mission "bank robbery". Also you can steal this car, but this way is harder. It will take a lot of time to steal this automobile.

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