The map of the banks in GTA 5

Map of banks in GTA 5

Banks in the GTA 5 game

Series of the Grand Theft Auto games has always been popular by large quantity of locations on the map, where players spend most of their time. Fifth part of the game hadn't become the exception and brought a lot of interesting and fascinating places and locations. Mount Chiliad, different banks and buildings might be attributed to such places.

Nearly in each part of the Grand Theft Auto game there is a mission, that is connected with bank. Fifth part of the game begins it's plot from theft. Very often players had a goal to earn some money, but the passage of missions is not suitable for this goal. Because of this one and right solution in this situation is to rob a bank.  You can do it only in single mode of the game.

Location of the bank

First of all, before the bank being robbed, you should know, where it is situated. Begginers might have some problems with finding this place. Bank is situated on the crossroads of Alta street and Boulevard Winewood.

You should also remember, that before robbing the bank you should have a lot of weapon. In the Grand Theft Auto game all the banks situated far from each other. But if you will visit bank once, you will once and for aĺl remember its location.
But this opportunity, connected with robbing different shops, appeared in the game long time ago. I should say, that this way of earning money won't bring you a lot of them. If you are trying to rob a bank alone, you will feel tide of adrenaline in the process of robbing. "Oriental" theatre might be a good benchmark for you.

Initially in the PC version of the Grand Theft Auto game it was impossible to rob a bank. Players, who love different modifications, created addition to the game, that allows you to rob several banks at the same time. Using this way you can get 70000 dollars in a moment.

That might sound surprising, but it is not very hard to rob a bank in the game.  You just need to enter in the basement of the building and explode its door with the help of explosive charge. This is one of the ways, how you can earn money for the further playing in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game.

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