The location of the prison on the map in GTA 5

The prison on the  GTA5 map

Prison in the GTA 5 game

Main character of the Grand Theft Auto game always had to contact with police in the process of the game. When our character commits a crime, police begins to pursue him and that could lead to the process of killing of our character or to his arrest.  But even for the most serious crimes our character will never get to prison, because developers of the game decided not to develop the mode, when our character is imprisoned.  That is why, after being arrested, our character continues the game from the police department.

Information about prison

However, considering the fact, that our character doesn’t have any chance to be imprisoned, you can see the prison on the map. This location is one of the most interesting and dangerous in the game, because there are a lot of police walking around department. Where is the prison on the map? A lot of inexperienced players ask this question. Police department is situated in the suburbs of the city, but it not so hard to find it. Prison is situated on your left hand if you are moving on the 68 route.

This prison is called «Bolingbroke».  And there is one interesting fact, that its architecture is similar with the prison, which is situated in California, where prisoners are under special control.

It is not very easy to get on the territory of prison. On its perimeter you can see a lot of security and on its towers we can see a lot of snipers that lead fire on the player after first warning. It is better to use helicopter if you want to enter on the territory of prison. But even using this way you don’t have large opportunity to enter, because snipers will shoot to you. For more effective penetration into the prison it is better to use cheat codes on weapon or cheat code on immortality.

«Bolingbroke» location is very interesting. Here is a small list of secrets:
  1. After entering into prisons yard you can see very interesting inscription from one of killers, that is connected with 8 letter.
  2. You can hear imprisoned people crying if you will come not far from prison blocks.
  3. Strange actions, connected with prisoned people, might happen with our character if he is walking not so far from the prison.
It is not so easy to find the prison on the map, but if you visit this place once, it won’t be very hard to find it for the second time.
In the online version of the Grand theft Auto 5 game there is a mission with escaping from prison, that will take some of your time, but will bring a lot of emotions to you.

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