GTA 5: map of nuclear waste

Map of nuclear waste in Grand Theft Auto 5
Map of nuclear waste in Grand Theft Auto 5
One of the missions in GTA 5 - collection of barrels of toxic nuclear waste. To get this mission you have to buy a Sonar Docks in Paleto Cove after the completion of the mission “Merryweather Heist” for $ 250,000, the purchase is available only to Michael. For each collected barrel, no matter which character collected it, Michael will receive 23,000 dollars, and for finding all 30 - an additional $ 250,000. Collection of nuclear waste is not required for 100% completion of GTA 5, but, having collected all of 30, you will get the achievement / trophy. Barrels of nuclear waste scattered along the bottom of the sea along the coast of San Andreas, so to find they you should use mini-submarine. Searching of  nuclear waste is not difficult, cause after purchasing of the dock will be added useful application to your phone — the Trackify, that can only be used in the submarine. With Trackify your phone will display the position of the nearby barrels of nuclear waste. Our map of nuclear waste in GTA 5 will help you quickly find all the barrels of toxic nuclear waste.

Achievement / trophy Waste management
For the achievement / trophy “Waste management”, you have to collect all 30 barrels of nuclear waste.

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