Tips for modes of confrontation in GTA Online

Tips on versus in GTA Online
Along with patch GTA Online Heists players opened access to new modes of confrontation. They contain a lot of exciting team-oriented tasks, allowing you to explore strategic "hunting" and to prove the superiority, even when quantitative advantage is not on their side.

Due to the novelty of the modes of confrontation were collected several recommendations. They will expand their horizons and gain a victory in the next battle.

Tips on versus in GTA Online

the Mode of confrontation Hasta La Vista

The mission included two teams - truck drivers and cyclists. The first is desperately trying to knock cyclists before they get to the checkpoint and the whole team will win.

Truck drivers should remember that only one cyclist need to get to the destination for home win. In this regard, the truckers are encouraged to work together, tightening up space for cyclists. If seriously hamper their movement, the timer may expire and truckers will win.

A key advantage cyclists - speed maneuvers, which will allow you to evade massive and slow trucks. It is recommended to effectively use a sharp braking and acceleration to avoid a collision.

Cyclists can effectively use artificial and natural terrain (vegetation, buildings) to reset the deadly "tails". In Los Santos this can be the supporting pillars of the bridge, in the County Blaine - trees and fences.

Tips on versus in GTA Online

Siege Mentality

A small group of players is protected from attackers. At first only one life, the second possible revival again.

After killing the attacker point of his "resurrection" will be at a decent distance from the defensive zone. While he will get back you can calculate the approximate route and strategy of attack to choose the most effective defense position. This feature is especially relevant in the beginning of the game, when all the attacker needs time to zoom in.

When correctly predicting the movement attacker can arrange for them fire traps. You must force them to concentrate in one position, to destroy the whole team.
The last recommendation is for the defendant - it is recommended to use the headset for constant communication. Without a clear command of the organization to beat would be extremely problematic.

The main advantage is the number of attacking. This advantage can be used for active and unceasing attacks, not to allow the defenders to take a more advantageous position. Loss of life will be more than justified if it is used for maximum approach to the defenders and their detonation.

Tips on versus in GTA Online

Come Out To Play

Versus mode Come Out To Play combines individual elements Hasta La Vista, Siege Mentality. Teams are divided into two "camps" - runners and drivers. Runners can actively use the terrain and buildings to hide from drivers who are "chained" to their own transport. Jump over the wall or climbing stairs can save from obsessive hunters.

To defend themselves in an open area it is recommended that command. It is necessary to provide a perimeter defense. For prompt warning about the threats of his comrades would be appropriate to use headphones with microphone.

As before, for the win runners it is sufficient that only one player has reached a checkpoint. In this situation it is appropriate to use a distraction when one is running to the finish, while the others distract the attention.

Among the main advantages of hunters is a restriction of visibility on the radar runners. This can be used for discreet approximation, in front of which will not be superfluous to disable the auto headlights.

Hunters are encouraged to runners try to break into smaller groups and destroy them individually. In the field of view of the team needs is all the runners, otherwise one of them will be able to reach a checkpoint.

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