Recruitment for GTA Online Heists

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists
Continuing our series of review articles devoted to the commands of GTA Online. They are actively seeking new members to its ranks.

With patch GTA Online Heists (theft) for modern game consoles many crews began to aspire to new heights. New cash and RP rewards are a great incentive for this. The first height - 1 million GTA $.

Command Th3 Wyld Stallyns

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists
The team was founded on September 14, 2013 with the aim of uniting players who want exciting pastime. Within the Association there is an additional crew Staybles, which is used as a focal point for the conduct of rearrangements during the passions. Welcome newbies is in Staybles. Basic requirements - friendliness and availability of the Xbox games.

Recently a limited edition were released t-shirts and stickers with the logos of the crew. This was based on only one goal - strengthening team spirit.

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists

The Ex-Presidents SA

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists
The crew headed by the user Sirlet refers to the associations created under the impressions of the cinema of the 90-ies. In particular, it draws inspiration from the movies about Bank robberies.

As you can see, the team initially focused on "theft" in GTA Online. At present, we are actively accepting new users. Creative views and new ideas are welcome.

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists

Leverage Conculting

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists
Players are active in the criminal world with the help of PS4 consoles. Association "represents" a shadow Corporation, which is used to launder illegally obtained money.

Along with the main activity on conducting illegal business, members assist other crews. The decision to provide assistance for each team is considered individually.

New members must be not only the PS4 and stick to common views with future colleagues, but also to be prepared for creative activities. The fact that the team regularly shoots new video, colorful illustrations makes for fun and demonstrate the capabilities of the players.

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists

LS Mafia Family

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists
The crew leader BigBulletTRP became famous thanks to the recent participation in broadcasts Rockstar Games, including team events. Currently selected active user group that will be mainly focused on "theft" in GTA Online. The presence of PS4 consoles for sure.

Participants LS Mafia Family though, and work together, but divided into small groups of "sphere of influence". Some focused on theft, other activities in free mode games or individual sports (racing, deadly duels).

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists

Ultimate Warriorz

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists
The team is known for more than a year characterized by friendliness to the comrades and aggressive actions against hostile associations. Next goal is to break into the top 100 crews on PS4 in the category GTA Online Deathmatches. Beginners along with new friends will take an active part in the theft, death-match and will wreak havoc in free play mode.

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists

Mercenary Ranger Co

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists
The crew is focused on flexible commercial activity not stop in front of the difficulties involved in recreational activities. The main rule for old and new members - the murder of friendly characters is prohibited. Specializes participants - theft, deadly duels and active in the overall scheme of the game.

All members of the crew strive to improve professional skills. In this connection, preference is given to the beginners who have a large experience in a particular area of the game.

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists

Elite Force 141

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists
"Military" crew exhibits increased activity in GTA Online. Team achievements are trying to transfer the video. To assess the level of training of potential teammates allows the video clip below.

Evil Souls MC

Recruitment for GTA Online Heists
In the command "Evil soul" has a strong internal organization, which aims to increase the success of the Association. The participants know exactly what they want and without hesitation achieve goals. Partially acquainted with the activities of the team allows the video.

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