GTA Online Heists: recommendations bonuses

GTA Online Heists: tips, bonuses
the Launch of GTA Online Heists opens promising perspectives. Exciting innovations in gameplay and mountains GTA $ are waiting for organized teams that know how to build a winning strategy and clearly to implement them. On the eve of the release of updates published several practical recommendations. A brief look at them.


For each job series Heists need a leader with a high rating, which will be responsible for coordinating the team. He incurs the greatest responsibility. It distributes roles and is responsible for all the consequences of team games. Progress in jobs, Heists is saved only in the profile of the leader.

GTA Online Heists: tips, bonuses

the Communication between team members

Effective interaction between players is largely dependent on the operational transfer of the necessary information. So in advance of need to take care of the connection of the respective means of communication. Running the game without them is possible, but not coordinated actions of users to high results lead to unlikely.

the Role of the participants

At various stages of the jobs of a series of Heists participants will be randomly assigned to receive game role. For example, during operation of the buyer (the courier) for atmosphere watch two of the beholder and bodyguard. When assigning the respective roles of the group leader should consider the strengths and weaknesses of each participant.

GTA Online Heists: tips, bonuses


To perform numerous tasks, in most cases, you will have to use their own vehicles and weapons. Periodically will be granted access to update their Arsenal, for example, the purchase of specialized equipment. In this regard, it is advised to bring their own garage and Arsenal in full readiness.

Silencers on guns and RPGs may be necessary to make separate thefts. Armoured vehicles can help save the life of the friendly members. Also with the launch of GTA Online Heists, players will be able to unlock a whole series of new vehicles and equipment.

GTA Online Heists: tips, bonuses
GTA Online Heists: tips, bonuses

Bonus round

For ambitious financially players will discover new horizons. In each series of jobs, Heists are special internal job. Upon successful completion on the game account will be credited with a significant bonus. To get rich so you can several times within the same job, but you should not assume that all will be too easy.

In addition, there are several bonuses that can add a few zeros to the "Bank" account. Each player can get them only once. Such bonuses include:
  • "For the first time (First Time). The first successful completion of the final Heists will significantly enrich themselves and to acquire the funds received the necessary Arsenal.
  • "All right" (All In Order Challenge). Complete all thefts to get GTA $ 1M.
  • "the Problem of loyalty (Loyalty Challenge). Successfully complete all thefts, including special installation, with the same team to get 1 million GTA $.
  • Call criminal inspiration" (Criminal Mastermind Challenge). To get 10 000 000 GTA$, you must successfully complete Heists without loss of lives of friendly or neutral characters.
Information about bonuses for informational purposes only and may partly reflect the conditions of receiving the rewards. Detailed information about new bonuses available on the official resources Rockstar Games.

Tracking your bonus simply. It is enough to open the pause menu, choose statistics and show the list of well-deserved awards.

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