Trailers for GTA 5 Heists and for PC

Trailers for GTA 5 Heists and for PC
a Few days remain to the exit port of GTA 5 for the PC. The release is still expected April 14, 2015. Currently are available to new official trailers of the base game and the updates Heists.

Trailer GTA 5 Heists for PC

Presentation about future opportunities Heists in GTA allows you to get video above. He filmed entirely using a personal gaming computer (PC).

The players have already received the update Heists and could appreciate its benefits. However, with the advent of GTA 5 Heists for PC only surprises continue. In particular, players will find incredibly colorful and professionally detailed graphics. The update will also include all existing official modification of the gameplay and content Rockstar and put them in GTA Online.

Trailer GTA 5 PC

By the middle of this month will be a GTA 5 for PC. The game includes a huge number of major visual and technical innovations. They are created with the sole purpose to make the game in the vastness of Los Santos and Blaine is so exciting as never before.

The frame rate in the trailer reaches a value above 60 fps. This allows you to catch the smallest details of colorful effects and high detail of the game world. Qualitative visualization affects not only the objects of wildlife, but the characters up to simulate the smallest detail of facial expressions of people. To obtain maximum enjoyment from watching the video it is recommended to upgrade your browser to the latest version.

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