GTA 5 for PC on sale

GTA 5 for PC on sale
has been released Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC (Windows). The game is available for download from the Internet and in retail outlets.

the Graphics and customization of the gameplay

GTA 5 for PC are invited to explore the huge world of Los Santos and Blaine County in the maximum resolution to 4K. Incredible effectiveness is achieved when displaying game events at up to 60 frames per second.

The game interface provides an impressive amount of custom settings. Presents more than 25 different options to set the display quality textures, smoothing options, and more.

There are advanced settings for the keyboard and mouse, game controllers. There is an opportunity to adjust the density of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The developers have added support for three-dimensional visualization and two monitors.

multiplayer GTA 5 PC

GTA 5 for PC supports multiplayer mode. In one session of the game can participate up to 30 players and two spectators. The game has all the updates of the gameplay and content Rockstar that have been released since the launch of GTA Online. In including latest updates Heists (theft) and Adversary Mode (versus mode).

New video editor

In the port of the game added a powerful tool - Rockstar video editor Editor. It allows you to simply and quickly capture, edit and share video in GTA 5 and GTA Online. In Director mode, players can organize their own scene, in which the request will be part of the story's heroes, pedestrians and animals.

The author is free to manipulate cameras review, add and edit effects, to include fast and slow motion, apply your own music from broadcast radio stations GTA 5. Finished videos can be easily uploaded to Youtube and Social Club page.

New music

On the radio you will hear the compositions of Oh No and Alchemist. Added a lot of new exclusive tracks. In the list of artists who participated in their creation, are present Freddi Gibbs, Killer Mike, Little Dragon and many others. Also in the gaming environment created by the new wave radio station, which received custom work.

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