GTA 5 PC Editor: the first author video

GTA 5 PC Editor: the first author's video
New GTA 5 video editor PC Editor has been used fairly well-known players. Among them are 8 BIT Bastard, who is in the team Shoalts. It turned out that one of its members lived in new York. He was invited to his hometown to test the new features editor and remove the demo video.

As a result of the work done appeared first author of the video that is created using the GTA 5 PC Editor. The movie was called "the Running man". The main character of a short film - Trevor. When you create a work useful advanced functionality of the video editor and the new songs with radio stations GTA.

Full authors ' comments Shoalts 8 BIT Bastard are on their official pages. We consider only the essence of individual experiences.

Favorite features GTA 5 Editor

Amazing opportunity for fine control of depth of field when shot. In combination with the correct set up new filters you can get that perfect shot. Setting and applying filters can significantly change the perception of a specific game scene.

Creative features editor

Until Rockstar Editor it was possible to record only visible on screen events. Now the situation has changed dramatically. Camera review can be included in any desired location.

Also notable is the Director mode, which provides great opportunities for the creative community. The ability to change the weather, time of day, the attitude of the police are really helpful. The player can also connect to the plot of various characters, animals.

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2015-04-16 05:01:14

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