Editor GTA 5 PC: first video

Editor GTA 5 for PC: the first video
Began to appear the first video created using the new editor in GTA 5 for PC (PC). Every day their number is growing steadily. Some players have already managed to master the advanced functions create a video and publish their work. The most remarkable of them is posted below.

The inspiration for creating this video was a demo video to GTA 5. The footage you can already see familiar characters Trevor, Michael, Franklin, who examine the updated street Blaine County and Los Santos.

To create engaging roller, the authors were able to effectively use a "lively" music track. In combination with the sounds of "urban background" and browse the world of GTA 5 is very original video.

Presents one of the most famous video series "first roller GTA 5 PC". Its creation is undoubtedly required a great deal of creative effort. All gaming activities organically combined with chosen music track.

The basis of a short video based on a simple cinematic idea - robbery outlets. To create the desired effects were competently used the functionality to slow movements, changing audio levels and intensity of the music.

Throughout the movie a skilled rider and an excellent shot trying to break away from the police and not to get injured. The intrigue gradually increases, but the most interesting and creative idea awaits at the end of the video.

No need to be an expert to recognize in the author Rechyyy experienced player who knows how to create stunning scenes. Everything is left to chance - the script, the focus on the colorful effects, theme music selection.

GTA Wise Guy is also not new in the field of video art. This time he demonstrates an unusual approach to driving. It is characterized by boldness, confidence, and well-defined objectives.

Riots in downtown Los Santos is a classic scenario for copyright video. However, the author managed to turn a classic into something amazing. It focuses the audience's attention on small details. For example, one can trace the effects of the grenade, which rolled under the car. You can clearly see the face of a COP who flies away from the machine under the action of the blast wave. Slow motion of individual events allows you to see the smallest details.

Each player can share their own creations, which are created in Rockstar Editor for GTA 5 PC, or a notable work of others. Just leave an appropriate comment on the official page of Rockstar Games. Discussion of author's video also revealed in comments to the news.

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