The set of players in the PC team GTA

the Set of players in the PC team GTA
we Continue to publish summaries of the most notable teams in the GTA. They exhibit increased activity on the mean streets of the game and are actively looking for new recruits.

Beginners in the game of GTA 5 for the PC and users who decided to find a more congenial team may be able to find new true friends in one of the 5 following crews. Their primary specialization was the game is on the port of the game for the PC. The holders of the consoles PS3, PS4, Xbox One or Xbox 360 also do not be discouraged. Most of the crews managed as separate units of players on these consoles.

Team Vice City Crime Mob headed BigNotch

the Set of players in the PC team GTA
Sufficient interest in the team, which is constantly coming up with something new. The last time a priority were "stolen" in the GTA. The activity is also manifested in free game mode, deadly duels, races and captures.

At present preference is given to experienced gamers. To join the team should be prepared to follow a few simple rules. In particular, a player must have a microphone for interoperability with other team members. You will also need to register on vicegamers, be at least 17 years and is well to remember that the killing of friendly forces is prohibited.

the Set of players in the PC team GTA

Birds of Prey Official headed DoctorJMacdaddy

the Set of players in the PC team GTA
The team's plans are quite extensive. You plan to deploy active in many game modes and create a friendly professional cooperative. The crew are taken mainly owners of PS3 consoles and personal computers.

the Set of players in the PC team GTA

Insane 2 the Max

the Set of players in the PC team GTA
Welcome new players who are motivated by the mission of "theft" in the GTA and will always come to the aid of their comrades. Recently created a new division for players on PC, but also being the owners of the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360. The main requirement for new users – a commitment to effective teamwork and the help of his comrades.

the Set of players in the PC team GTA

Mercenary Elite PC

the Set of players in the PC team GTA
Members of the crew to create a real chaos in the vastness of Los Santos. Thanks to the advent of the PC port of the game opened a new division. The number of participants is steadily growing and is now more than 1000 people who play on PS4, PS3, Xbox and PC.

the Set of players in the PC team GTA

Aviators of GTA with the leader dilldeer

the Set of players in the PC team GTA
Crew members have confidently entered the airspace of GTA for PC. As the name implies, the team specializes in air element and has many experienced users. Currently accepting new members for games on the PC.  Briefly acquainted with Aviators of GTA can in the video below.

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