Command video GTA 5: drivers, robbers

Team video GTA 5: drivers, robbers
after a few weeks after the release of GTA 5 for the PC will take a look at spectacular racing team. Also consider a separate thematic crews that specialize in not less popular activities.

TOP 3 racers in GTA 5 PC

Team video GTA 5: drivers, robbers
The illustration shows members of the crew 2ch PCA, which is in first place in the list.

With the release of the PC port with a new force began an active battle for the title of best riders of Los Santos. Separate teams scored wins over and over again and left competitors far behind.

Team 2ch PCA on may 13, 2015 is the undisputed leader. Among the active participants 854 user, which in General is listed 7091 victory. Their major element in GTA races, although other areas of the game also not alien to them.

Second place in the ranking is the crew Axe X Executioner. His record 6199 victories. The racers rallied between a user RaymondWai. Not without the support of other players. The team already known for its spectacular Creator Races.

The third line holds a Taiwanese Fraternity with the total number of victories equal 5769. Under the leadership of Phoenix Kuo, the team has not reached low altitudes. It also listed some author of racing competitions. Participants have their own social page, which is supported by up to date.

Theft in GTA: thematic Lufthansa crew collective

Team video GTA 5: drivers, robbers
Above presents a snapshot from the "bandits" from Lufthansa collective. Clearly seen the face of their representative seb_85 with several companions in the background.

The team specializes in the robberies (Heists GTA). Their sophisticated and precise work attracted the attention of a considerable number of interested users. And this is understandable, because the members of the crew are fast, smart, resourceful, and most importantly effective. Their achievements in Heists they often record. Get acquainted with some nuances of life team at the video.

Elite team Shred BMX

A year ago, a team led sbmxplex gained prominence as an elite team of BMX. This is understandable, because their tricks are amazing, and the video is able to hold the attention of people in the audience. The team is friendly enough, which led to the emergence of thematic alliances with other crews.

The authors of the new racing competitions not rarely pay attention to the collection of BMX Shred, as reference material for success. Indeed, there are many professional moments that deserve attention.

Daring thieves: team Crazy Blammers

Team video GTA 5: drivers, robbers
Crazy Blammers (SNAP) was founded in the fall of 2013. Friendly team of 18 people remained strong. His main interest is theft in GTA Online.

The leader of the crew in the face of British artist Matthew Hogben (HoggyHogben) peculiar celebrates team success creates another masterpieces, one of which you can watch above. Members of the crew ready to accept new users into the fold.

Parallel reality: Dell Perro and Santa Monica

Teams and individual players are United not only in the virtual world, but also in reality. They find new friends, play together and just spend an interesting time.

Began to appear unusual work, not just mapped two areas in the game and the real world, but the people themselves participate. A clear example of the intersection of far, but not very strongly, the worlds are the illustration below.

Team video GTA 5: drivers, robbers

Video team Full Leather Jackets

Longtime member of Social Club under the name berdu leads the team Full Leather Jackets. The participants learned many of the benefits of a new editor for Rockstar video Editor of GTA 5. They have created a fascinating video.

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