New GTA: racing, duels, captures

New GTA: racing, duels, captures
Today, a brief look at 10 new GTA Verified Jobs created by the community members of Rockstar Social Club. Players are actively playing on platforms PS 3-4, Xbox 360 and One, PC, and create their own mission. Among them are the creative works of a series of deadly battles (Deathmathes), grabs (Captures) and racing. Will also feature three bonus races, which is suitable for PC users, Xbox One, PS4.

10 new missions in GTA for all platforms

The players have created their own mission, which has been meticulously designed itineraries, locations, equipment, and other nuances. A quick look at their work.

Mission Forest Mayhem from player Titlito
Events in Deathmatches chaotically and rapidly grown in the hilly parts of the dense forest and continue in the direction of Paleto Bay. Visibility is bad, so without a clear strategy is not enough. It is recommended to be careful about explosive containers, they can undermine. In the battle can take up to 10 users.

GTA: Stealing a Dead Person from joeACdude43
The character of Martin Madrazo organized the funeral of a member of the Forelli family. His body is planning to steal in order to get a ransom. Two teams will be set against a criminal gang Forelli to grab the remains. The main battle will unfold directly to the cemetery. The object will need to not only capture, but also save when you check in to the check point.

RoC Santos from D. A. R. K. N. E. S. S.
Many settings in the author's race can significantly change the perception of the main purpose of the author, who is the team leader of the Reapers Carnage. Races are held at night, the traffic is disabled, which somewhat simplifies the task. Though on the path of the location of control points is relatively easy to follow, you should always be on the alert. To win, it is recommended to be ready to significant competition and unexpected developments.

New GTA: racing, duels, captures
Triphasic from DimiBarcelona
The main area of fighting in Deathmatch — highrise buildings. The three wings of the Arcadius building linked by special bridges from shipping containers. Available fighters is quite a powerful weapon. In location you can find not a few favorable position for firing.

The mission is clearly balanced in terms of compliance risk to the obtained result. All benefits will become clear directly in the game.

Contend: Gas N Go from Wraith-Of-Vern
The mission was created in the spirit Contend. The main confrontation unfold at a rural gas station. She will be a key place where the choice of position can have a decisive importance for the victory.

The Great Adventurer from DeadRooster
The scenery of Los Santos was a perfect fit to create a high-speed race from the player DeadRooster, which is included in the command GTA Adventures. Urban spaces will be only the beginning, the drivers have to drive on the roads LS Freeway, Vinewood Hills, Gran Senora desert and the coastal area Alamo.

Life Invader Circuit from The Twilicane
Race from The Twilicane organized on the roads Rockford Hills, Vespucci, Little Seoul. The author describes his creation in approximately the following words: "steep turns, alternating narrow and wide roads, the sea of adrenaline.

New GTA: racing, duels, captures
Ramps! Ramps! Ramps! from GTA Fan 82
Race track laid across Lago Zancudo. The circular race is organized in such a way that the competition was high and the collisions and near misses as possible.

Shotgun City from Unique Ash
The author refers to a series of missions Team Standing. The main action takes place in the alleys of the pier at Del Perro. To win need a good team strategy and more props that can be found on the ground.

Project Z Grand Prix from Zenzi23
Mission Creator Zenzi23 involved in four racing crews, including Red Rum Racing. The route, for the most part, focused on experienced drivers who are able to successfully withdraw the car from the most difficult situations.

3 bonus race

Below is a brief look at the bonus race, which is available for owners of the PC, Xbox One, PS4.

Casino Royale from parksquard
The author of the route is an active member of two racing teams Nonchalant Dominance PS4 and Sweat Buckets. Drivers will have to show no small skill to prove their superiority on the roads.

Cheetah Grand Prix from gun1t123
High-speed race from gun1t123 organized on the roads Rockford Hills, Los Santos. Previously there were many similar races, but the author was able to highlight the unique route with the necessary props.

B. I. T. C. H. from LadyMiss80s
The title race stands in a few words — beach, industry, track, city, highway. These words characterize overall view of the mission, route, and possible obstacles on the way. Motorcyclists have to do a few laps, which only at first glance may seem simple. The route is built in such a way that collisions and spectacular stunts may be completely wrong riders.

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