Update GTA Fan Art from may 21

Update GTA Fan Art from may 21
Exciting world of GTA 5 has become a real source of inspiration for talented authors. Many of them create "masterpieces" on a regular basis. In this issue, we consider several notable works GTA series Fan Art.

Update GTA Fan Art from may 21
Very aggressive image of the game character on the roads in GTA Online Blaine County shows the author Dan Howard. In the vastness of this area clearly outlines the riots, as well as in other parts of the criminal world.

Update GTA Fan Art from may 21
The girl with the gun in one of nightlife contributes to the creation of a "dramatic" atmosphere. Visual effect is greatly enhanced with smart graphics processing. The author of the work — IrinaCarrey from team Russian Girls.

Update GTA Fan Art from may 21
On the sandy shores of the criminal world presents a very balanced character. The appearance is already causing concerns. And the fire and the combustible mixture in your hands is unlikely to testify about the upcoming peaceful life. Overall, the image of a kind of "chaos" were very successful with the German artist Grobi-Grafik.

Update GTA Fan Art from may 21
Artist Fbende have focused on the alternative representation of the characters in the style of the genre of Japanese animation. In particular, the main source of inspiration was the character of Princess Robot Bubblegum.

Update GTA Fan Art from may 21
Author Rhys ap Gwyn. The illustration is very colorful and extremely versatile — can be traced elements of criminal activity, opportunities GTA, relaxing holiday and dangerous actions. The author managed to briefly unite the moments and elements that at first glance may seem utterly incompatible.

Update GTA Fan Art from may 21
Update GTA Fan Art from may 21
Watercolor on canvas acquired a distinct shape. Artist diigi demonstrates a series of works that show the image of Jack Kelso.

Update GTA Fan Art from may 21
Above are photos of manual work. Paraphernalia Rockstar carved in stone. Creation EirWippe really impressive glamor and uniqueness.

Update GTA Fan Art from may 21
CharmlessRogue have focused on images of different characters. Each suits its own hero, chosen terrain and colors.

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