Command Board GTA: receiving recruits

Team Board GTA: receiving recruits
Single players in the vastness of the criminal world of GTA can join the team, based on their own interests. To facilitate searches are regularly published reviews of the most active and notable crews who are accepting new participants.

Today will be briefly discussed five teams - Off-Road All-Stars, Cycle Cycos MC, The Vinewood Locos, Sunshine Syndicate, Jabroni Jones. Some focused on the theft of others to perform daily missions, and others fond of bikes. The list of interests is not limited to this and can be quite extensive.

Command Off-Road All-Stars led by player lvl-Ph03nix-lvl

Team Board GTA: receiving recruits
Members of the crew are fond of travel on specialized cars that are easily capable of overcoming the mountainous terrain of San Andreas. The players work well in a team and even publishes its own magazine.

The crew is steadily growing and has reached 124 people. They specialize not only on the roads but also in the burglaries, classic races, parachuting, and much more. The most colorful of achievement is recorded on videotape.

Team Board GTA: receiving recruits

Cycle Cycos MC

Team Board GTA: receiving recruits
Participants Cycle Cycos MC all support each other. If you need help in steals or mission, comrades can assist you. Despite the fact that the crew recently created, implemented and adhered to some organizational issues. In particular, for the week ahead schedule is created for the employment of players that no one has time to get bored.

Team Board GTA: receiving recruits

The Vinewood Locos

Team Board GTA: receiving recruits
The crew based player RTRivera. Currently searching for new members who are most active in the GTA. A key goal is earning a lot of money. Without a clear organization and teamwork are not enough, so it is desirable to have a microphone for voice communications. The game console does not matter, because there are special units for multiple platforms.

Team Board GTA: receiving recruits

Sunshine Syndicate

Team Board GTA: receiving recruits
"When drought begins justice, bullets can cause a good rain". Sounds like the motto of the team headed Sal Capone. Currently recruiting new players, to spread the spirit of justice around Los Santos. A list of Hobbies crew members is not confined to any narrow focus. They take an active part in races, looting, deadly battles and other exciting events of the city crime.

Team Board GTA: receiving recruits

Jabroni Jones

Team Board GTA: receiving recruits
Participants Jabroni Jones headed Bmilix invite new users to join the looting, the execution of daily tasks and take part in the filming of the new film. It will be created using the new features Rockstar Editor.

Players do not like to be bound by any narrow limits. They just have fun and support each other. Beginners should know the simple rules — you cannot harm the crew, you need to be useful for their comrades. It is desirable to have a microphone, but alternatively you can use the command chat.

Team Board GTA: receiving recruits

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