Tips for Rockstar Editor: camera, sound

Tips for Rockstar Editor: cameras, audio
we Continue to publish a series of recommendations to work with the new Rockstar editor Editor for GTA 5. In this issue we will consider the effects for the cameras and the possibilities of sound.

Effects for cameras

In the game interface has a wide range of possibilities for combining effects of the review of the criminal world. You can use different camera positions and special filters. Do not try to cover everything at once, otherwise the video may not be high quality, as the viewer's attention will be dispersed numerous effects. Consider some of them separately.

The functionality of "Easing off" will allow you to customize the smooth movement of the camera so that the viewer could watch target events. "Easing-on" will allow you to speed up or slow down the shooting speed. This feature is indispensable if you want to show details professional and almost immediate maneuver or spontaneous, but no less unique event. A "background" movie clips can be put on a high-speed scrolling, which will not allow the audience bored.

Players also available functional linear and "smooth" movement of the cameras. In the first case, the operator knows exactly what will be on screen whenever the camera reaches one of the control markers. In the second case, the camera moves along the curve according to the approximate position in the specific direction, so you have all the chances to capture unplanned, but very good shooting angle.

Tips for Rockstar Editor: cameras, audio
To create our own effects, it is recommended to pay attention to the sharpness. They can be used to focus the viewer's attention on specific areas of training. All the key events should be visually highlighted.

The combination of the above settings to create unique works. With visual perception and aesthetics of one and the same event is strongly dependent on the selected shooting effects.


High-quality video combined with well-chosen music can become a new "cinematic masterpiece". Pay attention, that the intensity of sound is available only for individual instrumental tracks.

When editing a music track you can adjust the volume to add "weight" certain scenes from the video. Should understand that complete silence while watching certain scenes video is also able to attract the viewer's attention to certain scenes.

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2015-05-29 05:20:25

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