Video of players in GTA 5: TOP of the week

Videos from players in GTA 5: TOP of the week
Many authors rollers have long understood that in GTA you can implement thousands of unique scenarios. Even the same event can be represented from different angles, thanks to the vast possibilities of the editor Rockstar video Editor. Below is published the most notable author of the video, each of which has its own style and inspiration. A brief look at 6 major works.

GTA 5 — a tribute to Red Dead Redemption

A team of players decided to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Red Dead Redemption. They took a unique video and used modern possibilities Rockstar Editor to create the desired effects.
Viewers may be surprised by the creative nuances that are reflected in the events with a distinctive Western style of past times. Video makers managed to bring the "nostalgia effect" to a very high level.

GTA 5 – Hit

Clear and decisive action can be traced in the work of the user Boris the Blade. The basis of the storyline — a daring escape with the use of firearms, dangerous maneuvers on the ground and in the air.

the end of the heart movie

The player Commandoflauge made good use of the Rockstar Editor to create an "emotional masterpiece". The video starts in the classic style of "ordinary traveller in the world of GTA 5, but quickly changes the plot twist. The narrator reflects on death, the faithful, but lost friends.

GTA Vice City 5: introduction

Author LucchiniSW uses shapes and silhouettes of various objects and attributes that were found in the original video "an Introduction to Vice City". They fit perfectly for colorful demonstrations of life on the coast line of Los Santos.

Weekend in GTA Online

Photo for Snapmatic individual episodes of the lives of the characters become the basis for creating a consistent & stylish presentation from Kokonitos Vids. With the author's characteristic style of the footage shown and elegant life style, bright colors and just the beauty of Los Santos.

GTA 5 — drift

There are already a lot of video, which showcases the professionalism of driving in this style. However, GTB was able to put his skills to a completely different level. He planned not only successful maneuvers, but also "near misses", where a continuing professional control of the situation.

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