GTA: review of active teams

GTA: review of active teams
We continue to review the most notable teams in the world of GTA. They stand out from the crowd with unique style, high activity in the game and other features that attract the attention of the gaming community.

Social Club In three teams celebrate anniversary

The founders of commands OneEightSeven (X187), LXG Crew (LXGC), Ganja Outlaws (WEED) in 2012 and realized that Social Club Crew has great potential. They started to actively use its capabilities. A brief look at each of the teams.

GTA: review of active teams
Headed xmrnutts187x team enters into a brutal firefight on the mean streets of the game. The number of victories and ratings grow over time, participants strive for higher results. According to statistics TDM in GTA 5 them listed 938 victories and 490 lesions.

GTA: review of active teams
LXG Crew
At the head of the crew XBOX is decisive leader LXG No Mercy. For several years the players have built our reputation and success. In GTA 5 they specialize mainly on Deathmatches and Rally Races.

GTA: review of active teams
Ganja Outlaws
Unlike many crews that are already "retired", WEED continue their activity. They lead their own channels and pages on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Recently players from WEED took part in the battle GTA 5 Crew, which was shown to the audience in real time.

the Crew in the spotlight

GTA: review of active teams
BullShift — unique command and a kind of "automobile club", which focuses on the style of the 1960-ies. Led by leader Ed Venture participants of the "club" is not just participate in racing competitions, but create their own presentation style.

GTA: review of active teams
Checking of goods in the Parking lot of Del Perro Pier.

Team Bullshifters regularly organizes thematic events, which informs the players on the pages of Social Club Crew and GTA forums. The most colorful events are recorded on video.

Watched the last two events, which are organized by the crew. The first events are the show Muscle Car and Cannonball Run. The meeting took place in the vicinity of Paleto Bay in the garage Beeker's. After the initial meeting, all participants started moving towards the Parking lot.

From the Parking lot on Del Perro, the participants went to the race track to take part in the Cannonball Run. The route from Del Perro to an abandoned Motel in Blaine County, Sandy Shores. There were no pre-established routes, checkpoints. There were only the start line and the finish line, and the drivers plied their route on their own.

GTA: review of active teams
GTA: review of active teams
The second significant event was the race Bullshift Meet 2 GT. It begins about casino in Vinewood, and the race route passed through RON Alternates Wind Farm, sandy shores and returned to the streets of Los Santos.

GTA: review of active teams
The final step was a trip to the airstrip near sandy shores. Drivers were able to demonstrate their skills on the road, where about fixed grip of the wheels with the surface has only a dream.

GTA: review of active teams
Inbetweendays and exqlusive joined Bullshifters. In the result of joint work turned out amazing video that presented above.

Team competition

GTA: review of active teams
The screenshot above shows the top teams who play GTA on personal computers (PC) and achieved excellent results in team death-match (Team Deathmatch).

The list shows a very "hardworking" crews that use great tactics and achieve good results. In the ranking of the missing "heavyweights" that are in the TOP 10. This is done to draw attention to other teams, who themselves were great.

In particular, the team eXXXitium to have a high winning percentage for all participants and is a good indicator of the average winnings per player. White Skeleton Unit is the most successful in TDMS and together with the crew of Team Magnum Dong deserves attention for a unique and memorable name. Eenvyuss and uL – Urban Legends are also strong enough crews in duels Deathmatches.

OCPC – The walking Peds

The Prolific crew headed Socketz recently updated my team site and actively engaged in the recording of short films in GTA Online. With their video "Fear The Undead 2" can be found above.

Calendar of events

The illustration below shows the past and upcoming events, where "face to face" encounter quite a strong team.

GTA: review of active teams
If your team is organizing a gaming session and is not listed above, then you can report this to to get the opportunity to get into the official reviews. To claim their teams are also on the official page of Rockstar Games.

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