GTA 5 Rockstar Editor: the language of cinema

Tips for GTA 5 Rockstar Editor: the language of cinema
Rockstar Editor allows you to create a variety of effects that are characteristic of cinema. Today let's look at some guidelines for working with the video editor. Their proper use will help to convey through the video author's intent and correctly to the story (meaning the chain of events). The choice of subject and the combination of effects will be dependent on experience, preferences and fantasies of each author separately.

Tips for GTA 5 Rockstar Editor: the language of cinema
To create a good video in the spirit of favorite movies, they need to review and analyze the most successful effects that you can apply in Rockstar Editor. This information will enable you to create your own unique video, which will take into account the professional experience of the Directors. Also examine a number of specific recommendations to create a video in GTA Rockstar Editor.

For a start there should be a clear structure of the roller. At least it should be divided into 3 parts — beginning, middle, end. Even the short videos for 3-4 minutes it is advisable to use this approach to narrative was clear and consistent. Last of the author's work entitled "Running Man" is a clear example. At the beginning of Trevor looks at "target" and directs the gaze to Blaine County. In the middle of the movie action develop, Trevor is active and overgrown beard. In the final main character reaches the end result, and the music emphasizes the desired effect of perception of events.

Switching individual frames and fast scrolling of entire event allows you to show a General picture of the idea on a large scale. For example, it is thus possible to show the beauty of Los Santos, which is full of life, and day and night.

You can also use the effect of "disappearance" of the main characters, specific objects and entire cities, to show the passage of time. For example, the effect of the temporary "disappearance" can be used to demonstrate how to change the appearance or mood of the character after a certain time.

Work with the cameras while shooting the film in GTA 5 are also important. They allow us to consider what is happening from different angles, to increase the area of review or to focus the viewer's attention on any of the key objects, events. In particular, during the chase on cars in some cases can look lovely effect of the acceleration time or the close-up shot of the main actors, while the background events are blurred. Each specific author's concept is unique and requires individual selection effects.

The "rule of Thirds" is a very important method to create professional photos and videos. If you divide the frame into three parts vertically and horizontally, then slice lines will intersect in 4 points. They can be called points of "view" as the highest viewer's attention can be focussed on them. In this regard, the key objects and characters while creating a video in GTA 5 Rockstar Editor preferably positioned at these points.

Their experience and thoughts to share in the comments below. Experience is priceless, and the exchange of knowledge with other players can afford to find, apply, and combine new successful techniques in practice.

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