ill-Gotten Gains: the plan for the weekend

ill-Gotten Gains: the plan for the weekend
From 12 to 14 June will be the innovations of the first part of the ill-Gotten Gains Event Weekend. At this time in GTA Online you can earn extra money to take part in a prize draw Social Club and other events.

Double bonus in the Adversary mode

In some modes of "theft" in GTA Online will be doubled cash rewards. To get the maximum benefit useful own successful tactics of the game.

To immediately switch to the Double Cash Adversary, simply click on the desired event during download GTA 5. During the game may be provided with additional bonuses — weapons including Sticky bombs, flammable liquids, body armor, and some others.

Race on land, sea and air with double RP

The player will be given 6 new cars. Among them Pegassi Osiris, Benefactor Stirling, Luxor Deluxe. During the weekend you can ride on all the auto and earn double bonus RP.

25% discount on High-End

If earlier restrictions in the financial plan did not allow much, with a decent discount on the individual items of the border will be blurred. The weekend will have the opportunity to update apartments, garages at a very attractive cost.

Exclusive t-shirts will be reset to the Crate Drops

Around the Racecourse, the club with yachts and Rockford Hills is expected to reset the Crate Drops with increased frequency. There will be exclusive t-shirts and GTA $ 10K. T-shirts shown below and will be available exclusively this weekend.

ill-Gotten Gains: the plan for the weekend

the Snapmatic Contest #illgottengains1

Usually millions $ bought with "blood and sweat" in the process of successful completion of the Heist, but there is an alternative way to become richer. 1 million GTA $ can get one of the authors of images for Snapmatic, which is marked with the mark for the contest #illgottengains1. The winner will be the author of the most successful screenshot which is dedicated to the renewal ill-Gotten Gains.

Lottery in Social Club

Lottery players Social Club Event will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes. Among them GTA 5 Chrome Zippo, Grotti Polo, a copy of the album " Welcome To Los Santos, Epsilon Pendant, as well as t-shirts and stickers.

live stream Rockstar Games

June 12 will be running a live broadcast Rockstar Event Weekend Live Stream. Among the special guests Funhaus. Viewers can watch in real time as they play the new missions that came with the release of updates ill-Gotten Gains. Some viewers may be invited to play together with guests.

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