Contests and updates in GTA: calendar

Contests and updates in GTA: calendar
the First week of June 2015 – the time of significant events in the world of GTA. The winners of the competition for Rockstar Editor and prepare the release of the first part of the update for GTA Online. Players will be given access to new areas, and also given the chance to receive valuable prizes.

the Competition for GTA Rockstar Editor

Contests and updates in GTA: calendar
In recent time for the players of GTA 5 PC was announced a competition to create the best roller in the Rockstar Editor. This video should be devoted to the official presentation of the song "Leave" by Wavves. The deadline is June 8, 2015. At the expiration of the set time, the winners are determined.

Recall that the main prizes – gaming keyboard Logitech G910 Orion Spark and G510 mouse Proteus Core. They are presented in the picture below. The uniqueness of each prize is created by laser engraving Rockstar paraphernalia and a personal identification number (ID) of the winner's Social Club. The main winner will also receive a prize package and a gift card for $ 100 for Warehouse.

Contests and updates in GTA: calendar
The prize packages and $ 100 for Warehouse will also get users who took 2nd and 3rd places. In the period of the competition any player who themed video uploaded to the Social Club also has the opportunity to become the owner of one of the presentable shirts.

Recall that the winners can become not all users. Detailed conditions of participation are available on the official Rockstar Games resources.

GTA Online Update: iLL-Gotten Gains (part 1)

Contests and updates in GTA: calendar
10 June 2015 will be available the first part of the update for GTA Online iLL-Gotten Gains. In honor of this event from 12 to 14 June will be held themed events that will allow for more RP and GTA $. The details of the events will be covered in the upcoming review editions.

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