Update GTA Online iLL-Gotten Gains available

Update GTA Online iLL-Gotten Gains-available
Earlier it was reported about the upcoming release of the new update, iLL-Gotten Gains for GTA 5 Online. The time is now and the players new opportunities.

Individual players have made a fortune on dangerous the way the criminal in GTA Online. Now the choice is simple — to wait calmly for pensions and spending millions, or to continue to develop and move to a higher level.

Successful GTA Online Heists players should be ready to envy from some less advanced users. Especially this will be felt when in Snapmatic photo will appear of designer cars, exclusive planes of pure gold and other riches, which may be the property of the player.

Update GTA Online iLL-Gotten Gains-available
Update iLL-Gotten Gains is already available on five major gaming platforms. Along with the luxury cars Enus Windsor, Pegassi Osiris, Albany Birgo available aircraft Deluxe.

In stores Rockford Hills new designer clothes, watches, earrings, necklaces and more. Ammu-Nation is now available, and new weapons and means of protection from the Personal Defense Weapon, Combat PDW. The criminals in Los Santos have already started to choose new weapons inscribed with themed engraving for greater solidity or reflect the style of the character.

Update GTA Online iLL-Gotten Gains-available
Under the automatic updates are available new features: First Person Vehicle (PC, Xbox One, PS4). New option "Friend" in session" in the phone menu will allow you to invite your friends for another job and to use other features. The full list of updates can be viewed on the official pages of Rockstar Games or just to see all the updates in practice after loading the game.

To obtain the update iLL-Gotten Gains enough to run GTA 5 on console gaming, which is connected to the Internet, and follow the prompts. To share experiences, discoveries and just discuss the questions on the topic in comments below.

Update GTA Online iLL-Gotten Gains-available

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2015-06-15 04:06:33

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