Latest creative work of the GTA 5 community

Among recent creative works GTA community is especially notable for the lego-version of Grotti Turismo R supercar and colorful paintings. To be aware of the latest developments of the creative life of the gaming community, you can follow the news on our website or view the Twitter and Instagram Rockstar Games. If you yourself are willing to contribute to the replenishment of the collection of artwork players, feel free to submit it to the public in Rockstar Social Club.

Lego Grotti Turismo R - fron view
Lego Grotti Turismo R - rear view
Lego Grotti Turismo R - top view
Lego Grotti Turismo R - side view
Lego Grotti Turismo R - interior
Lego Grotti Turismo R - engine
Lego Grotti Turismo R, author C 12.

"Turismo R, without a doubt, my favorite car in the game. I so much love it that I decided to build a copy of Lego..." - says the author of this work, the user C 12. According to his assurances, he used almost all the red lego blocks, which could find to build this model.

Trevor in the Desert
Fan art of Trevor, author Julia Scott.

Veteran creative community of GTA 5, Julia Scott, shares his latest work. This time it's none other than Trevor Phillips hanging out in the desert with a couple of feathered friends.

Hasta La Vista
"Hasta La Vista", author Alexia-way.

Inspired by the gameplay of "Hasta la Vista", one of the missions in GTA Online, Alexia-way drew this wonderful sketch, which is perfectly understandable why he called his work.

Dangerous Thrinity
Fan art GTA 5, author Anderson Santos.

Brazilian artist caricaturist Anderson Santos, showed potential in his talent and drew this sketch depicting the main characters of the game, in his own manner.

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