Tips for GTA 5 Rockstar Editor

Tips for GTA 5 Rockstar Editor
Rockstar Editor has become a real boon for talented players who actively create their own video. Currently the editor is available only in the port of GTA 5 for the PC. Game update in the near future will allow to work with the editor of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In this news release will be considered useful tips for working with the editor Rockstar Editor, which will allow you to stand out from the crowd through a video. And lastly look unique roller in the creation of which was attended by the Alchemist and Oh No.

Recommendation by Rockstar Editor

Use special filters to give your video a unique style. The correct application of the available effects will help change the perception of events and to focus on the most important moments.

Before you start recording, it is recommended to act like a real Director, and plan your own script. Of course, you can take the grenade launcher and make some noise in Los Santos, and the account to use time dilation to show the most colourful scenes. However, a properly chosen sequence of actions will allow you to stand out from the crowd and gain recognition in the gaming community due to the original work.

There are cases when spectacular things happen spontaneously. In this case you can use Action Replay to record the events that occurred earlier.

During filming, it is recommended to do several takes of each scene, and use various modes of cameras that allow you to see what is happening from different angles. In all subsequent developments can be used for mounting only high-quality and engaging video, which is capable of holding the viewer's attention throughout the viewer.

Life in the cities and regions of the virtual world "boils" and without the participation of the player. In this regard, does not necessarily become the protagonist of the new movie. You can try to make a documentary about the beauty of nature, the dangerous lives of individual characters, the bustle of the city and exceptionally beautiful places in Los Santos.

The capacity of the chambers is limited for technical reasons and can be linked to specific characters. Some players found a way to bypass this limitation for "Directors". They use doubles to create the desired narrative effect.

Tips for GTA 5 Rockstar Editor
In Director mode, you can try to change the settings Explosive Melee and Slidey Cars to search for unusual horizons in narrative production. Competent configuring various modes may allow to significantly increase the influence of the atmosphere of fear and terror, or on the contrary to make the movie more positive.

Alchemist, Oh No, Wavves play GTA

Alchemist, Oh No, Wavves already known to many experienced players at exceptionally professional and exciting musical compositions. They gathered together to "walk" across the expanses of GTA 5 for PC and share your opinion. Get acquainted with the gameplay and commentary in English on the video below.

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