Rockstar Editor GTA 5: video art

Rockstar Editor GTA 5: video art
In the light of new short films dedicated to GTA 5. Today a brief look at 6 copyright video. They demonstrate extraordinary beauty and danger of the criminal world. Individual viewers will be able to notice the similarity of virtual spaces with real locations and objects of architecture.

"House of cards" from El Serpe.

The beauty of the architectural masterpieces perfectly revealed in the video with the 4K quality. Review "tour" begins with a slow increase of the statue on Portola Drive. In the process of viewing will showcase the beauty of the Maze Bank, the Galileo Observatory and some of the "sights" of Los Santos.

"Reservoir dogs".

Very original video with dogs. Their attitude is clearly not benevolent in nature. Where they went under the musical accompaniment of the song "Little Green Bag" you can only guess.

"Feel good in Los Santos" from California1995.

The author chose some of the most picturesque corners of Los Santos for mounting roller with a bias in the "travel" theme. Sandy beaches, wildlife, scenic mountains, spectacular sunsets and a quiet life — a true Paradise for the tourist who wants to relax and learn to learn more about the wonderful world.

"Nature beauty" from OKOK PL.

The natural beauty of the renewed world of GTA 5 also noticed the player OKOK PL. From the seas to the picturesque banks from plains to mountains, on which there are representatives of the living world — these and other "painting" waiting for the viewer in a short video.

"The devil you know" from BreadCat Productions.

Interesting concept adheres to BreadCat Productions. Under the dramatic music and "slogans" is set in Los Santos a blockbuster. World of mystery and danger is revealed with amazing sides.

"James Bond" from DomesticMango.

From the title you can guess that the inspiration of the author comes from a popular movie about secret agent James Bond. In the typical style of the hero mission deftly away from the chase of the police both on the ground and on the water. In all their beauty to show the events allowed the gaming skills of the user and the functionality Rockstar Editor.

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2015-05-20 09:23:17

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