The contest Rockstar Editor: clip by Wavves

Rockstar Contest Editor: clip by Wavves
a Few weeks the players in GTA 5 for the PC to learn a new Rockstar video editor Editor. Last time there were dozens of amazing works. Now each player can use their skills to create a competitive work – official music video for the song "Leave" by Wavves from Alchemist and Oh No (album "welcome to Los Santos"). The authors of the best works will receive prizes.

Briefly about the creative contest

Perhaps many players have heard of the guys from Waves on radio Los Santos as hosts of the radio waves Vinewood. Other users might find themed posts in the information feeds of Rockstar Games. Now Wavves show hyperactivity in the pages of the Social Club with the purpose of finding talented people and create the official music video for "Leave".

Wavves together with Rockstar Games will consider the works of the finalists of the competition to finally determine the winners. They can look for criminal activity, a romantic situation or something completely different for a perfect clip. Do not be afraid to be creative and use their abilities at full strength to create a unique video that can permanently go down in history.


The winner, whose work will be chosen as the official video for the track, will receive the Grand prize – a gaming keyboard G910 Orion Spark and G510 mouse Proteus Core. Devices laser engraved attributes will cause Rockstar Editor and personal ID of the winner's Social Club, which will make the prize really exclusive.

Keyboard fully supports the capabilities of GTA 5 PC. The keys are backlit unique for each character color (orange for Trevor, blue for Michael, green for Franklin). Flashing red and blue lights will warn the player about the appearance of the wanted level.

Gaming mouse with 11 buttons, whose functions can be configured independently. The device has an extended range DPI 200-12000, which is ideal for setting up accurate shots to the head and a lightning-fast maneuvers.

The winner and the top two finalists will also receive a special gift GTA 5 gift card and $ 100 at the Rockstar Warehouse. It, for example, can be used to expand the collection of Rockstar Digital Download of the wardrobe of the character or the modernization of the vehicle. The works of the three winners will also be presented to the gaming community on Rockstar Newswire.


To participate simply. You need to create a video in Rockstar Editor GTA 5 PC, publish it on Rockstar Games Social Club through the game menu, to put the mark "Leave". There are some important points:
  • in the video should be used only for the song "Leave" by Wavves;
  • duration of clip should be in the range from 3 to 5 minutes;
  • the video should be published in the Rockstar Games Social Club marked "Leave" until June 8, 2015;
  • to create video should be used only editor Rockstar Editor;
  • according to the legal nuances that only residents of certain countries have the right to win (read more on the official page of Rockstar Games).

Unlock unique t-shirts for authors video

If winning the contest will not be able to win, you can count on a prize. For each player, which will unload themed video in the Social Club in the period of the contest, will be unlocked original t-shirt.

Please note that unlocking t-shirts for the authors of the video will be made only after the completion of the contest. Do not wait for its appearance immediately after unloading roller.

Rockstar Contest Editor: clip by Wavves
Participants are able to study their opponents on Social Club, to draw conclusions and create more winning clip. Stay tuned and share your impressions in the comments.

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