GTA Online Lowriders Update

GTA Online Lowriders
The next update for GTA Online is here at last. The upcoming patch is called "Lowriders" and will be released on the 20th of October, on Tuesday, next week. Of course the update will be released for all modern platforms: PS4, XBOX One and PC. It is expected a huge amount of lowriders cars, a large-scale renewal of the range of a tunings options and new garages. From novelties it is possible to distinguish Benny's Original Motor Works, the new Mecca for all stylish cars lovers. It is located in the Strawberry area and offering a huge selection of new upgrades for your machine (including, of course, lowering the suspension, how does it go without it?), which can turn your family van into a monster, causing the envy of all street racers in the city.

Visit the Banny's official website to see the range of the half dozen cars that available for tuning, and then bring any of them to the Benny and make it a full upgrade, opening a whole new spectrum of lowride opportunities. Decorate your old boring hood, put on it an awful paintjob and a couple of air filters. Work on the inside, place the velour all over the car's interior, leather or intricate patterns. Select a unique colour and new design for the dashboard and dials, put a new wheel and throw in the trash your old gear lever, because Benny obviously got something better. Put in your car a powerful hydraulic system: the more powerful, the farther it will turn out to jump. Oh and don't forget the main thing - new audio system and subs in the back.

GTA Online Lowriders
Once your car is ready, grab a bunch of friends or join a group of auto-enthusiasts and show off around Los Santos your new wheels. Use the Interaction Menu to open doors, hood or bagazhnik to turn on or turn off the engine, neon or turn on on your favorite station aloud. Now Car Meets and Car Shows will come to a whole new level.

Also, stay tuned for a message from Lamar Davis, he begins to do its own deals, offering players to complete a series of new missions, and he's definitely going to need your help. You will need to gather your loyal friends, a cool driver and a couple of great shooters, because it's unlikely to pass quietly.

Lamar has his own business
Still be sure to check out Ammu-Nation, because they are ready to please us with new small Machine Pistol (fully automatic and deadly) and a hefty machete (and machete, as we know, kills). And those who are okay with money, finally, will be able to purchase a fourth property, thereby increasing your garage, and therefore the fleet. In addition, the Lowriders update will add a ton of new clothes, hairstyles, new 3 mode options "Confrontation" and much more.

As mentioned above, the update for GTA Online "Lowriders" will be released on PS4, XBOX One and PC next Tuesday, the 20th of October. Meanwhile, you can look at the portion of screenshots from this update:

GTA Online Lowriders
Garage Benny in the area of Strawberry in South Los Santos, is the place where you can buy "lowriders" modifications for your car.

GTA Online Lowriders
Gang war is not a gang war, without stylish Albany Primo. Make enemies tremble from not only your guns but also on your tuning.

GTA Online Lowriders
Install the hydraulics on your lowrider and make all passers-by to their mouths open in amazement.

GTA Online Lowriders
Upgrade your car with everything from the coolest aerography and powerful stereo, luxury interior and designer hood.

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