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GTA Online Crews Cut
As usual, in this article we will tell you about the most cool, successful and numerous gangs of GTA online, which is currently enrolling new members. Each gang has its own words in order to attract new players. Today we have on the agenda are some very interesting teams, so don't apply to see their advertisements.

San Andreas 4x4 crew

Despite the fact that the history of this gang is not as long, they can be considered real pioneers in what they do. And, Yes, they are looking for new players! Judging by their boastful claims, they always choose the route that "trails that will test even the most experienced off-roader". This gang is serious to conquer without exception, all the mountains and hills of San Andreas.

San Andreas 4x4 crew
"Genuinely enjoy off-roading? Sick of trophy hunters looking for first place? Appreciate players with respect? Want to travel the best off-road trails in San Andreas, with the best off-roaders in San Andreas while enjoying a beer at the same time? If you answered yes to any of the above questions (hopefully to all), you've come to the right place.

The San Andreas 4x4 Crew meet up daily and spend most of their time Online climbing hills and navigating rock climbs. You will usually find all the members together either on a trail or in a Private Lobby. We wheel only the best and toughest trails in San Andreas, trails that will test even the most experienced off-roader."
San Andreas 4x4 crew

grove Street family

Continuing the glorious legacy CJ, big smoke, Ryder and sweet (approx. characters GTA San Andreas), gang grove Street family, and its leader gunnerxxcorey, is looking for new blood to replenish their ranks, for the greater glory of the grove Street. Dressed in traditional for the grove Street green bandanas, serious these guys are determined to protect their ancestral territory and often engaged in wars for territory, rentals-parties and battles with rival gangs.

grove Street family
"We are looking for players that work as a team or family to get things done. We help Crew members with Heists, Missions, and Team Deathmatches and host private training & Job Creations. We specialize in Freemode game-play where we have turf wars, car meets, Crew meetings, rival gang fights, fist fights and more. We are voice and non-voice compatible. We have one rule: don't kill Crew members or allies. Our Crew Color is green and our rival color is purple. We have tons of videos on YouTube channel."

in the Gambino family

The gang in the Gambino family and her Godfather, JayMoney314, live by a strict code of laws of the Mafia, based on the laws of the infamous Gambino family, invented one of the last bosses John Gotti. The gang lives and operates under the motto "Death before dishonor" (death before Dishonor) and, in order not to deviate from tradition, all members must abide by a certain dress code.

Gambino family
"We are an active Mafia based Crew outlined off John Gotti and the infamous Gambino crime syndicate. All of our members are active wise guys, and have Mafia related vehicles and suits. We take multiple Crew pictures, we recruit good players willing to follow the Mafia code and most of all have fun! We keep it simple and original, every one of our Crew ranks are legitimate Mafia ranks.

Motto: We're wise guys, we follow the code... Death Before Dishonor"
Gambino family

the wicked executioners

Family and loyalty are the key concepts for a gang of wicked executioners and its head libra616. This close-knit gang holds a large number of activities, including: auto-parties, visits to Robberies and weekly battle of the Bands. If you are looking for a gang, which is not limited to any one direction of the game and knows everything, that the wicked executioners is a good choice.

wicked butchers
"We’re a close, mature and active family. We pride ourselves on knowing who every one of our family members are and we work together as a team and look out for each other. We have Crew events such as Car Shows, Drag Racing, Demolition Derby, Mission/Heist Weekend, weekly Crew battles, and more. We also have a website with a calendar so members won’t miss out on events."

Mafia all stars

The player ShaunSwC in finding new blood to replenish the ranks of his gang - the mafia all stars. The gang holds many events every week. The style of the game gangs can be described by these words: "have fun without any commitments", making this band perfect for anyone looking for an easy and neobmenennogo gameplay. Also, visit them with a website, to find information about upcoming events gang.

mafia all stars
"Mafia All Starz are a GTA ONLINE based Crew that is made up of mature, friendly, experienced and helpful players. SSMI members currently play across PS3, PS4 and PC on our favorite gaming hangout, GTA Online.

SSMI Crew members do everything from Heists, Missions, Races, custom Jobs, Freemode shenanigans and more. Our PS4 platform has started meetup events typically held on Saturday and or Sunday nights that are organized by Crew Leader, Commissioners, Lieutenants, or any other active interested member who takes the initiative. These events will be announced or suggested on this website or Social Club. Additionally we organize Race nights, Capture/LTS nights, Snapmatics, Freemode, and car meets"
mafia all stars

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