GTA Online Official Livestream

GTA Online Livestreams
This weekend community managers f Rockstar Games has prepared for us a number of interesting streams, which will be held on their official Twitch and YouTube channels. The stream will take place this and next week and their guests will again be the musicians responsible for the official soundtrack of GTA 5 alongside with the special guests from GTA 5 player community.

Friday, October 9, 5pm ET.

GTA Online Freemode Events livestream together with representatives of the GTA 5 community.

In NY, straight from Netherlands, a huge fan of GTA and veteran official streams Gtamen (aka The Liberty Lunatic), will conduct this stream, along with other special guests from among the players of GTA 5: Typical Gamer, Hike, Casey from GTAGaming, GTA Juan-Growth and many others. Also on the stream to be attended by the guys from Rockstar Broadcast Team. Together with their guests they will play in Freemode Events, and will test the cards from the weekly Top 3 Creator Maps created Gtamen.

Sunday, 11 October, 2:30pm ET.

GTA 5 Soundtrack-stream, under the guidance of NEON INDIAN.

The author of "Change of Coast", one of sandrikov for GTA 5, which you can hear in the game on the station Radio Mirror Park, Neon Indian is their new album, VEGA INTL. Night School, the output of which is scheduled for next week, 16th October. This is the first appearance of Alan and his team in the Rockstar Broadcast Studio Team, they will be coming through, as the group is currently in the midst of his tour. The guys will present some new songs from their new album and to play a bit in GTA Online Adversary Mod. Of course, we should expect and anything else. Also, it is planned to draw CD autographed by the band via Twitter, so if you want to get the disc, don't miss the stream.

Patna, October 16, 00:00 Moscow time.

GTA Online Creator-stream, in honor of GTA Liberty City Stories and The Warriors.

It's been ten years since the release of GTA Liberty City Stories game adaptation of the famous film The Warriors. To mark this momentous event, Rockstar Games has decided to launch a special stream covering custom missions and maps that are relevant to our two birthdays. If you created a custom mission on the motives of The Warriors or Liberty City Stories, will ensure that its description of the present hashtags #Warriors #TheWarriors #LibertyCityStories #GTALibertyCityStories #GTALCS or #LCS, as next Friday the developers of GTA 5 will select content to stream on these search tags. Hurry, if you want to see your mission on the "big screen".

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2015-10-09 10:15:15

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