Fan-video digest GTA 5

GTA 5 fan-video digest
Now that Rockstar Editor became available on the new generation consoles, the console players, along with their colleagues from PC, can try out their skills at creating stunning videos using the Director mode of GTA 5. In the compilation of such videos we have prepared for you another video with unbelievable stunts on a BMX and some great mini-movies shot entirely in the game engine.

GTA V - Targets - Cinematic Movie by the Two Scotsmen - Hoodoo_Operator

This movie is one big fascinating event, full of dizzying action. The author, The Two Scotsmen, tells the story of an epic rescue operation carried out by an elite fighter at the airport of Los Santos.

GTA 5 BMX - Street Level Episode 28 (PS4 BMX) from the author Fishy Dizzle

In this short video Fishy Dizzle, riding on his BMX, shows all what he can do. Now, when it all came Rockstar Editor we can expect more such videos.

Password Protected (Grand Theft Auto V Machinima Short) from the author TheLoneFew

Funny parody showing how ridiculously difficult it is to meet modern requirements when selecting a password. Team TheLoneFew shows two hapless burglars trying to defeat the system password, while the time they have less and less.

Rubbers by choice - Drifting from the author Eybass Teip

There is an Eybass Teip and their new drift video, really worthy of your attention. Guys show such high level of drifting skill that after watching you will want to jump in your sports car and "light" the streets of Los Santos.

True Detective Intro in GTA V from the author llachlann

Here you can see it was very well done parody of the Intro of the series "True Detective", on the GTA 5 engine. Video fully conveys the mood and style of the original, what especially helps music T Bone Burnett.

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