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With the release of the latest update for GTA Online a great number new opportunities and challenges was added, to win which you have to drive, hunt other players and relentlessly pursue them. The world of GTA Online was filled with chaos, but chaos clearly structural and artificially created exclusively for the greater entertainment of the players. A huge number of new game modes creates a truly unique gaming experience, only available in GTA Online. To help you adapt to the new modes, we decided to tell you a couple of secrets that will certainly help you quickly, efficiently, and most importantly beautiful destroy all your opponents. There's a really great number of new gameplay features, so today we will tell you about the Hunt the Beast, King of the Castle, Hot Property and Moving Target, and there is still a couple of tips on how to avoid becoming a helpless victim in the updated GTA Online.

General tips

To be ready for all the surprises that await you in Freemode Events we highly recommend you to learn by heart the following tips:

  • Always be prepared. In order to survive, you need to always have on hand the entire available arsenal of weapons and vehicles. Remember: you may need everything from mountain bikes to sports car or SUV. So do not spare money on tuning and bulk purchase in Ammu-Nation and do not shun to use the services of a transportation company Pegasus when it may be a necessity in a helicopter or plane.
  • Don't be greedy. Saved several thousands of dollars will never replace you the right team. Always share earned money generously and fairly, this will not only reward your team for their work, but also enhance your reputation in the eyes of other players.
  • Watch out for occasional hints that carry important and interesting information about the Freemode Events. These clues are highlighted in purple text.
  • Never forget about the main task of the current event. If you get bogged down in combat with other players and forget about what actually needs to be done to win, it will make by someone else.
  • Disable auto-aiming on the allies. It is particularly important that in the heat of the battle accidentally not to shoot your teammate. Obviously, this could easily cost you the victory.
Hunt the Beast

Hunt the Beast


Each player who chose this event for his gaming session can turn into a vicious Beast who is a stronger and faster version of himself. The task of the Beast is visit all the checkpoints in Los Santos and blaine County, earning money and RP, while all the other players hunting him through all means available. The beast briefly displayed on the map immediately after the start of the event and after reaching each checkpoint.


Finding the Beast will not be easy, so if you do so, you need not to lose it from sight as long as possible. In order to facilitate this task, enable the advanced radar in the settings. Keep your eyes open and listen carefully if you hear a roaring sound, then the Beast somewhere nearby. The best strategy for hunters is to work together. One of the best hunters to take a seat in the helicopter to hunt down prey from the air and to coordinate actions of the ground troops. Please be on the lookout: Animals are very cunning creatures, they may, for example, to connect to the voice chat of hunters and fed them false information until they finally do not miss the trail. The Beast cannot mix with the crowd - prohozhiy will scatter from him that will be fine to unmask it. The hunter watching the area with air should pay special attention to unusual behavior of road traffic and pedestrians. Running from something and people revving at full machine - a sure sign that the Beast somewhere nearby. Hunters should be split up into many small units operating in a fast transport to cover as much territory as possible.

The beast, in addition to what has been said, has to be carefully designed route passing the checkpoint, to go through them all as quickly as possible and safer. The role of the Beast you will have a lot more speed and strength than the other players - competently use this advantage. If you discovered, remain calm. You may well be able to withstand the onslaught of his pursuers for some time. Try as fast as possible to destroy the hunters coming, watch the flanks and, after tablete the attack, as quickly as possible leave the skirmish. If you sat on the tail of the helicopter, just destroy it. This will give you a little time, while hunters try to recover the loss.

king of the Castle


When your radar will be "mountain", with all his hurry to it and find a way to capture it, providing yourself a decent amount of money and RP. Try to stay Zarim mountains as long as possible because every second that I was on "grief" you will get one point and for every kill five. Your reward will be accumulated until the other player will take off you from your "throne".


In your attempt to become king of the hill, you will always accompany cannonade of explosions and gunfire, so the best advice here is very simple: seek shelter. Amidst all of this chaos, your main (but not only) task is to kill the King, but do not forget about the other contenders for the throne. They, too, deserve a bullet. Once you grab "mount" your best protection will be properly located contact mines. You can not simultaneously vratiti head at 360 degrees, so mine will do the job for you. Also, very useful will be Merriwether mercenaries who, for a small fee, will help to clean up the "mountain" or properly thinned the ranks of the attacking players.

Moving Traget

Moving Target


The objective of the event delivery transport to point b safe and sound. To polict good bonus deneng RP and you may need the help of friends. This mode will arrange a real test of your driving skills or piloting, as the only task of the other players will be your destruction. As soon as the target appears on the radar quickly rush to her. Also, if the target transport is under the arrow, very silly to leave it blank.


While you are fully focused on the delivery transport to the point, you very useful to someone who will reflect the constant attacks of other players. And, as in real life, do not trust blindly the GPS you probably have to use detours, faster or more secure.

Hot Property


Grab the briefcase and run! Your task will be not to lose the case, while an eight-minute timer comes to an end. Jump on the bike, in the car, in a fighter or just run through the woods and hills on foot. The main thing - to move. Until the case is you, the other players will know where you are. At the end of the event, the three players who managed to hold the longest case, get extra money and RP.


As the player, carrying case, displays all of his opponents on the radar, your only chance to survive, when you grab the briefcase, will be the rate. Move, all the time to move, don't let the opponents even closer to you. Fast and sturdy machine, like Armored Kuruma will be a perfect choice. Fortunately, you can pick up the briefcase, not leaving from the machine that little bit easier for you, because you don't have to get out of the car, becoming much more vulnerable to enemy fire. Good idea, also, will negotiate with another player; and then, after victory, to divide the spoil. Together you certainly will have a better chance.

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