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What Happens in the Dark
Do you remember, in a previous newsposts we told you about the creative project of artists loseranthems and beastheads, titled "What Happens in the Dark"? Since then, a great number of artists from around the world has joined the project. Recently, the project was finally launched and was even more awesome than expected!

What is the magazine? It is more than 74 pages of gorgeous art for our beloved game. Each of them was selected by editor and designer G. E. McKinnon and other members of his online project, House is Not Lit.

Art work of GTA fans around the world never cease to amaze and inspire us, from the photo in Snapmatic and video, created in Rockstar Editor, to talented artwork. Every true fan of the game just need to see all this huge collection of fresh GTA-arts.

A huge thank you to all the artists whose work is represented in this collection and a special thanks to McKinnon and GTA fan art veteran Amanda Burke, for their excellent work and the Preface, which you can find on the 3rd page of the zine.

The content of the journal can be found at this link, also, you can download it in PDF format via, for example, Google Drive. In the meantime, you can check out a few especially cool works from the magazine:

What Happens in the Dark - art by Amanda Burke
What Happens in the Dark - art by Chococri
«Double Cross» from SOMETHING CRISPY
«T» from Rudy Gapon
«Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted.MP3» from Rudy Gapon
«Ghost of Mount Gordo» Darien
What Happens in the Dark - art by Gattobamboom
Authors of some works have not given them names, but you can find them all directly in the "Waht Happens in the Dark" fanzine.

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2015-09-23 09:10:46

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