GTA Online Freemode Events Weekend

GTA Online Freemode Events Weekend
Last weekend, each player could become a part of a whole new level of chaos and destruction in GTA Online Freemode. To help players not to miss a huge amount of new games and trials in Freemode, businessmen all over Los Santos and the Blain County cut prices for the whole range of their products and services, including the prices of fastest cars and bikes, heavy weapons and specific services rendered by Lester, Merrywether and Pegasus transport company. Also, were drawings of uniforms for GTA 5 Social Club and in-game jokes unique t-shirts.

$50,000 and an exclusive t-shirt-per-game in 5 new events.

Last weekend, every player who completed 5 new challenges in Free mode GTA Online received $50000 of play money and exclusive t-shirt with the logo of Vapid concern for your GTA Online character. All awards must be issued by Friday, September 25.

Discount on all Avtomobili 50%

With the release of the latest update to GTA Online, car selection, is often a choice between victory and defeat, survival and death. No matter whether you're trying to survive a total dump mode "In the paddock", break the record for the longest jump or attack a different enemy in "Disassembly", you will need a machine that gives the highest chance of winning. Last weekend, each player was able to just get the telephone and order a cool car, without worrying about the costs. 50% discount on a wide assortment of cool transport, certainly in significantly increased sales of cunning businessmen of Los Santos. Full list of discount transport:

- Adder
- Buzzard
- Insurgent
- Savage
- Annihilator
- Dubsta
- Lectro
- Seashark
- Armored Kuruma
- Entity XF
- Mallard
- Vestra
- Bati801RR
- Frogger
- Marshall
- Zentorno
- Besra
- Hakuchou
- Sanchez

50% discount on weapons, ammo and items

To fully prepare players to wreak havoc in such new modes like "Hot Property", "King of the Castle", "Hunt the Beast", Ammu-Nation endured on their shelves all the heavy artillery and half off the price of a Heavy sniper rifle, Micro SMG, Shotgun, Minigun and ammunition. Also you can protect yourself from sneaky attacks, thanks to the same discounts on armor, helmets, and bulletproof tires.

50% discount on services over the phone

The events in GTA Online, especially the ambassadors of the release of the latest updates that happen suddenly and quickly, often you just need help, not to be outdone. Need to lose the pesky cops or cause the helicopter to quickly get to the event location? Also, you might need to increase their chances of winning in modes like "Hot Property" or "King of the Castle", arrived at the scene a fighter jet Lazer, or, for example, put your attacking Buzzard somewhere on hand to give you the best advantages during the "Hunt the Beast". For times like these, and similar, cases, last weekend all the special services that we can say on the phone, have reduced its value by exactly 50%.

Daily exclusive t-shirts

To celebrate the release of Rockstar Editor on PS5 and XBOX One, three new exclusive t-shirts with the logo of the three largest Vinvocci blockbusters were available last weekend. To get them, all you had to do is to go to GTA Online all three Dan action on Freemode Events update. Each player received a t-shirt every day.

GTA Online Freemode Weekend Events exclusive T-shirts

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