GTA Online Crews

GTA Online Crews
In this article we will tell you about some of the Crews GTA Online looking new blood to fill its ranks. Here is the requests of each Crew, so you can find out what they offer.

First on our list of acts Crew, created for those who are looking for a way to top criminal fame of Los Santos. If you like, Crew 1st Gentlemen Club is ready to open its doors to you. This band has high requirements to the players - each applicant for membership will have to have a special test to prove that he fits the high standards 1st Gentlemen Club. According to their official website: "knowledge of the game we can teach, but manner and maturity we cannot.".

1st Gentlemen Club
"If you are looking for a casual classy crew with welcoming members then The 1st Gentlemen Club is for you!
Our standards for membership are different from most Crews; we focus primarily on maturity, teamwork, skill and knowledge of the game.
The 1st Gentlemen Club specializes in making money, missions and car modifications. We have set out plans and options for every Mission and Heist and always achieve great results. PVP Fighting is a small aspect of the Crew and is not mandatory. Despite this, some of us do excel at PVP and for them we have specialized teams of fighters for such an occasion. For fighting in general and in Crew wars, we normally advise joining our sister crew Merk Em All who specialize purely in PVP and are always up for a fight.
Car modification is where we like to show off; our preference is everything and anything with true style; beautiful cars and bikes are welcomed. The classy looking cars appeal to most of us but as I’ve said we offer praise to all forms of style. We have official car shows on most Saturdays, making sure every member keeps up-to-date with their cars.
For more information regarding The 1st Gents please visit our website:


We hope you consider us for your future Crew and we hope to find new members that fit our requirements. We all wish you a wonderful day, from the 1st Gentlemen Club."
1st Gentelemen Club
Named after the oldest canadian motorcycle club, the Red Devils Crew Hamilton aimed at winning back the original meaning of the term "motorcycle brotherhood" - the brotherhood between members, loyalty and freedom. In addition, the main requirements of the Crew is still possible to play on PS4 and I go to shoot without auto-aiming.

Red Devils Hamilton
"Our Crew called Red Devils Hamilton is so unique in the Motorcycle Club community because we don't just like riding bikes but we love to get some cash! Also, we are recruiting for some new brothers that would love to join us in this journey.

Our website"
Red Devils Hamilton
The leader of the Crew XO Radio, nick XO Radio (from modesty will not die), decided to go to the GTA 5 community, hoping to find like-minded music lovers who are ready to join the Crew of friends of music fans.

XO Radio
"XO Radio is unique to the GTA community and offers a creative outlet for the players in the creation (and sharing) of custom playlists. We are open to any and all music lovers, specifically targeting those out there who use exterior music-streaming services (such as Spotify, Pandora, 8tracks, etc.)

My goal is to engage and catch the attention of anyone out there who already uses streaming music services AND who also happens to love playing GTA, get them all together so we can crew up and share music. Now that we can use Spotify on our consoles (PS4) I feel that there's an incredible opportunity with which to bridge together everyone's tastes and share their personal playlists amongst the Crew. Less of a car show and meetup-type of group, and more of a community creative space for music loving gamers to unite.

In supplement to our Social Club offerings, I am also working on an external website that can host and stream Official and Crew-Created mixes. All of the 'Official' mixes are made by me, themed to each existing radio station and massive in scope.
For example, a pair of Non-Stop Pop 'remake' playlists I've created clock in at about 14 hours of fresh music (just this one radio station!) featuring over 200+ artists. The 'Official Mixes' will essentially be 'extended reimaginings' of each existing GTA station in the game.
It's been a challenge spreading the Crew concept and getting people to share mixes (maybe they are shy) but I don't feel the idea is impossible, it seems a popular and unique idea thus far and perhaps I just need to link together the right people who are already in the mix (literally!). We are a little over 100+ members so far (and growing fast!) and I'm hoping we can somehow catch the attention of those 8tracks/Spotify gamers out there. I know they're out there!

I appreciate everything Rockstar does for the gaming community and hopefully I can give a little bit back with my Crew concept :]

Established in 2013 Apocalyptic Crew Order and its leader TherealReNeGaDe in search of those who are willing to organize the chaos in Los Santos and blaine County under the banner of this Crew. This free Crew of anarchists, primarily putting respect and making all decisions within the Crew by voting.

Apocalyptic Order
"Here @ |AO| we believe in democracy and running this Crew is no exception. Whenever a major decision must be made, we put it to a vote. Members that vote: Leader, Commissioner, Lieutenants and Representatives. 'Muscle' members must first prove themselves before given this privilege. Gaining the respect of current members is huge. We expect you to follow the rules, listening to higher ranked members, be polite and respectful to all Crew members; including our alliance Crews!


Must be 18+
Crew tag, must be displayed with your name in-game at all times.
Microphone preferred, but not mandatory,
Crew Emblem on clothing is not required but looks badass!

Apocalyptic Order
Those who love speed and all that Susano with cars, should pay attention to the Crew Sufficient Boost CC. This Crew is a bunch of auto-maniacs like-minded people seeking the same as they are, to participate in car events and races. If you like dizzying rides on Zentorno or Casco classic, this band is for you!

Sufficient Boost CC
"Sufficient Boost CC is an GTA Online Car Show Crew. They do events almost nightly and have everything from car shows (voted), drag racing, impromptu racing, drifting, and fun events like a demolition derby. Events are often themed as well and they want to keep things as realistic as possible, so no standing on cars, etc. They run a very tight ship."

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