GTA Online Freemode Events

Freemode Events Update
Update for GTA Online "Freemode Events", yesterday it became available for automatic download on PlayStation 4, XBOX One and personal computers. This is a brand new GTA Online gameplay: no loading screens and a lobby, just a spectacular madness, comprising:

Freemode Events Update

Hunt the Beast

Become the Beast is stronger, faster and hairy version of your character and hide from ruthless pursuers across Los Santos and blaine County.

King of the Castle

It's a brutal battle, where every man for himself. Here you will need to take a "castle", to make it their stronghold and defend against any who dare to encroach on your space.

Hot Property

Grab the suitcase and run! Grab a car, bike, boat, helicopter, fighter, or just ride on the mountain head over heels, but most importantly hold on to your treasured cargo. Become one of three players who managed to score maximum points in this mode and will receive a generous reward of money and RP.

Moving Target

The first player who reached the marked transport will be a Moving target, with the goal in one piece to bring traffic to the marked space. You will need no small art to avoid attempts by other players to destroy you, before you arrive at the place.

Freemode Events Update

Checkpoint Challenge

Pluck all your skill to not fall face in the dirt in this crazy rally around southern San Andreas. Who will be the first, break all the checkpoints in the pursuit of fame, money and reputation?

Kill List and Kill List Competitive

Take the heavy artillery and pour all its power on mercenaries from Merryweather Security. Earn money and reputation for each kill!

Dead Drop

The battle for the possession of valuable contraband. Let's see if you can get to the goods first in this cutthroat smugglers.

Penned In

Seeing in the sky of Los Santos is a huge dome, rather, take in the nearest car and as soon as possible click to it, you need to make it before you start the timer. Then, at all costs stay under the dome, which begins to move and contract, and kill all enemies you see. Those who will leave the dome for more than 7 seconds to explode. Look, will you be able to stay the last survivor.

Freemode Events Update

Criminal Damage

The time has come feast for those hungry for a good old violence. Grab the cool weapons and bring down fire and death on all, how will you manage to reach it. Don't worry, this time no cops and stars-investigation. You will get points for each blast or murder.

Hold the Wheel

Sanchez, a Golf cart, or any other, even the most ridiculous, transport, becomes invulnerable mark on the map the car. As soon as you can sit in it and fend off others wanting to become those who will be behind the wheel when the time. You can try to do it alone (and take all the credit as a whole) or take it with the hand that will help you to fend off enemies and will share with you the award.

Time Trial

Each week you will be able to set new records for time, getting money and reputation, achieving the desired time or improving their own performance. But if you manage to break the World record, then you can count on Royal reward.

Freemode Events Update

Freemode Challenges

Take part in the 19 unique tests along with your friends and rivals from GTA Online. Who can perform the longest jump, who can ride as long as possible without collisions who can fall with the greatest distance without dying who will have the nerve to spend the most time in free fall, without opening the parachute until the very end - and so on and so forth. Many ways to risk his head to become one of the three best and get the most money and reputation.

Two new Adversary Modes

Freemode Events Update
The update also added two entirely new mode of warfare.

Cross the Line

Heavily armed troop landed on neutral territory, with the task to carry out to enter the territory of the enemy.

Hunting Pack

You are part of a team whose purpose is to deliver a certain bomb car place. The car will explode if its speed falls below a certain limit. At this time, challenge your opponents to destroy this car.

Rockstar Editor is finally available on PS4 and XBOX One!

Update "Freemode Events" includes the long-awaited launch Rockstar Editor on next-generation consoles, in addition to several new features, available on all platforms, including added ambient sound, sound effect library, integration Snapmatic, update the Directing mode and a bunch of new fonts.

New features in GTA Online Creator

Update added to the game some new editor features, GTA Online, including the ability to save and compile the objects and use them to create custom missions. Now that creative users will be able to create a dizzying ramps, loops and tracks for parkour even more cool than before.

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