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Freemode Events
Special events in free roam GTA Online is a new opportunity to play in an open world, giving players access to a large number of smoothly integrated into the game play and events, for Free mode, GTA Online. Fully using the capabilities of modern consoles and personal computers, this patch will save you from a menu or tedious and downloads - but will only adventures in the open world with your friends, members of your gang, rivals, or just random people where you will find a spontaneous chaos, new opportunities and exciting challenges.

Any of these events (adventure jobs - as you wish) can literally start at any time while you play in Free mode. You can also configure the session so that to participate in the amount of new content, which is convenient. Each event has an almost infinite number of options, so you expect a ton of new experiences and unique experience, every second, offering new opportunities of earning money and RP in GTA Online.

Can't wait for the fight? Then try the new "King of the Castle" - take your castle and defend it from anyone who will try to knock you down from your throne. Enclose a short-lived alliances and Backstab, proceed as you like, in modes like "Hunt the Beast", where one player turns into a fast, strong, brutish creature that must escape relentless pursuers. Special events in Free mode, also, offer and test of dexterity in the handling of the vehicle. For example, longest drive on two wheels, to make the longest jump in a car or the longest time to avoid collisions.

In addition to the above, at the start of next week the patch will be new opportunities in the mode of confrontation. First, "Hunting Pack" in it you will be part of a team whose job it is to bring to the place booby-trapped car that will explode if it slows below a certain speed (just like in that movie with Keanu Reeves), while your opponents will try to destroy this car. The second is called the "Cross the Line", there are two opposing teams must cross the line in enemy territory.

Another important change in the patch is the long-awaited release of Rockstar Editor on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One and adding some new features, more about which you can find in this article.

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2015-09-11 09:08:38

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