Rockstar Editor Update

Rockstar Editor Update
Next month Rockstar Editor finally will be available on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One, as part of another free update for GTA 5 and GTA Online. This update also adds some new features at the Rockstar Editor, on all three platforms, including PC. Besides, the coming update will make some wonderful improvements in free mode GTA Online. You can find information about these innovations on our website in the coming weeks.

New Rockstar Editor features.

Rockstar Editor Update
Below you can see a brief list of what's new in Rockstar Editor, planned in a coming update:

Ambient sound and a Sound Effect Library: this innovation will add bulk atmospheric sound and a large library of high-quality sound effects. All this will help you to make your work more lively and dynamic.

Integration with Snapmatic: will allow you to upload images from Rockstar Editor straight in Snapmatic. An indispensable thing when you need to find a perfect camera angle for the perfect shot.

New features in Director mode: enhanced mini-marker map of the current location, the ability to control the time of day, and add any vehicles from the game.

The ability to copy and paste marker settings: now you will easily be able to move once created settings at any place of your clip.

New fonts: you will have a lot more titles options in your video. The number of new fonts will be three times more than before.

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2015-08-25 04:26:52

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