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Epsilon Programm
Rejoice, seekers of the truth! Since the time came to participate in the user missions GTA Online, inspired by the "Epsilon Program". Don't hesitate and bookmark Social Club in these missions, to look at everything with your own eyes.

Cult of Cash from the author Reaper-5150 (PC)

"Cults love money, but so do you. Steal back the money from the Epsilon Program! KIFFLOM"

In the second mission established by the leader of the gang Benvenuti Family, Reaper-5150, you and your team will fight in and around the headquarters of the Epsilon Program. You have to deal not only with opponents but with hordes of cultists who defend their values accumulated in case of the Apocalypse. Here you will be available a ton of bonuses on armor and health, and the spawn is happening on powerful bikes, allowing you to quickly return to the battlefield or to take an advantageous position.

* BLOOD N' FIRE * from the author GerardDepardieux (PS3 & PS4)

"Violent fights on top of Mount Chiliad. Take a drink. Enjoy the view. KIFFLOM"

The Team Deathmatch will unfold on mount Chiliad, in the place where the first Treatise Epsilon. Appearing with Molotov cocktails, as a starting weapon, pay your enemies in flame, then grab a Baseball bat, a Crowbar or baton, to finish off your charred opponents.

Altruist Camp Offensive from the author Griefballer99 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

"The cultists must defend themselves against the Cult Stoppers. The cultists have a wide range of weapons but no transport, and the Cult Stoppers are armed with Military vehicles but only a Combat MG."

The leader of the gang Shrekist Church, whose members gave their lives to the Great Shrek, in any case, should know a lot about the cults. In this mission in the LTS mode, the Enemies of the Cult must destroy the cultists, and those, respectively, to prevent this. As mentioned by the author of the mission, one team has a great choice of transport, while the second team is armed with heavy artillery. If you showed up at the lumber yard in Paleto Forest, you it is best just to take what is funny-PickUp, along with its powerful machine gun 50 caliber. If you appeared in the Altruist Camp, immediately take up defensive positions and take the RPG, which will help you to stop the enemy attack.

Going With The Downflow from the author DannBoeing (PC)

"Let go. Let the flow wash over you. Let it wash away all your troubles. Breathe. Leave the city behind you. Let Kraff take the wheel. Envelope yourself in his warm embrace. Enter the 10th Paradigm. Listen to the words of the wind and the trees. Only the descendants of Kraff can hear them. Let the flow be your guide. Hydroplane yourself to enlightenment. A new plane of existence. Be one with Kraff. Kifflom Brother! And may infinite peace and wisdom be yours!"

The leader of the gang Don't Judge Me Monkey, at this moment created for as much as 26 racing missions for GTA Online. This race is inspired by the Epsilon Program, runs through the Hills Tongue in the Valley Tongue Canyon and Banham. To make this race more difficult to pass, use the standard settings of the route and weather. So you will be much easier to "reach enlightenment".

Epsilon Programm

Kifflom! from the author Kingglo_the_Pro (PS3 & PS4)

"The antitheses attacked our Epsilon Center. It's time to fight for Kraff, brother-brother! Kifflom!"

This Deathmatch taking place in the heart of the Headquarters of the Epsilon Program, has spawnpoints, scattered evenly throughout the map, allowing players to appear not too far from bonus armor and ammo. Head height and competently use sniper rifles scattered across rooftops, or make sticky bombs and set them where your enemies least expect.

San Chianksi Race from the author chocolate83 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

“Stride across these breathtakingly high mountains, famous for emitting a benevolent karma, according to Fabien Larouche and Cris Formage. There is no doubt that you will find... eternal peace there.“

Gang member LE Clan Pasta, chocolate83 created this challenging motorcycle race that starts on the Ridge San Cienski flying Proudly over the mountain and ending up on the sidelines Grapeseed. Do not drive too fast while you Wade on the steep slopes and turns of the mountain slopes - one wrong move and you will find yourself far below, with a couple of broken limbs and face in the dirt. As most of the route runs along the wild off-road, mountain Sanchez will be your reliable assistant on the way to "eternal peace".

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