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Today's edition of the News Gangs GTA Online highlights activities of gangs, events, achievements and other developments in the world of gangs Social Club. If your own gang does something exceptionally cool, what do you think is obliged to know the community Social Club, send an email to and tell the game developers about it. If this is really something worthwhile, news of this will reach the ears of the users of the Social Club.

Daily Operations

Daily Operation
In order to complete daily quests in GTA Online requires considerable skill and a huge team effort, especially if you aim on a weekly or monthly bonuses. And perhaps no one does not meet these requirements there as a gang Schleppo. Ten members of this gang finished, you just think, 810 daily quests in GTA Online. Even if not to take into account bonuses, execution 810 daily tasks brought them $7000000. Or if one person has complied 810 these tasks in a row, he would have received as much as $14000000.

Now a few words about the other gangs, ranked from second to fifth. Gang Albachoross is the Japanese team playing on PS4, which recently celebrated 6 months of its existence. Gang XenoAssassins with the XBOX 360, under the leadership MissTwisted GTA, exists "in order to play like a BOSS". Cokney Rhymin Limeys - gang, which proudly carries his eccentric flag here for 2 years, since the release of GTA 5 on PS3 and XBOX 360. And, finally, the gang Of Bro Alta Street, who took the name of one of the Central streets of Los Santos, where one can suppose that they and hang out in free time from daily quests GTA Online.

Off-Road All Stars: Roar Rally-Championship

Since its inception, in may this year, the list of gangs GTA Online, XBOX One gang Off-Road All-Stars, under led by a charismatic leader and prolific of utuber IvI Ph03nix-IvI, grew and expanded, got a great website and even his own electronic journal! Recently, Ph03nix, in cooperation with Stevedogg51 and Yello Cactus decided to create his own racing championship, under the auspices of the gang Off-Road All-Stars. Rally championship has its own separate website filled with all necessary information for those who want to participate in this event, as well as the results of previous races and the schedule of future. And here's how it works:

The championship consists of four main races, called The Rally McKenzie, The Chiliad Mountain Rally, The Redwood Classic and The Palmer Taylor Trophy. The smallest cumulative time completion of all four stages determines the winner. The stages are held on various dates and have no restrictions on the number of participants. Players wishing to participate in the championship, pick from one car classes available technology and use it throughout the championship. The route for each stage is determined one week before the race to give all players time to prepare. To better understand what it is about, read this promotional video.

When it comes time to race, all participants join the race and drive three laps, each of which has the following objectives:

  • the First circle: the pace lap, specifying the location of the racers at the start. All riders must stop the machine before the final check-point.
  • Second round: all riders must show a good time. The results are recorded in the leaderboard.
  • Third round: participants begin the race group and must show all what they can do.
The main reason why all the stages have only one warm up lap, it is the desire of the creators of the championship to give a party an incentive to give everything one hundred percent. In order to make the race even more exciting, all the races are broadcast via Twitch, with the live commentary of the Creator of the championship - Ph03nix.

Roar Rally-Championship
Throughout July and August, took the stage McKenzie Rally, which took first place AUDISPORTQUATTRO. Now racers train before The Chiliad Mountain Rally - race will take place on narrow mountain roads along the entire length of the Canyon Raton to the Alamo sea and the Northern Chumash. The championship organizers warn:

"One mistake could cost you the stage, round or even the Championship. Undulating and uneven tracks make every corner a challenge. Too fast and you'll flip off the cliffs and lose time, too slow and your rivals will eclipse your time. So then, what are your tactics going to be?"

Roar Rally-Championship
Gang Off-Road All Stars, also, the newly founded branches on other platforms: PS4 and PC. They've still got quite a lot of places, if you want to become a member of this gang. Main branch of the gang on the XBOX One is already filled to capacity, but if you ask nicely Pho3nix it can create a child gang, which you will be able to join. However, group a ROAR Rally Championship is open to all bands who wish to participate, so just contact with Stevedogg51 or Yello Cactus, if you think you or your band have what it takes to beat all on the race track.

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