Digest of GTA 5 fan-art - September

GTA 5 Fan-art
In this episod of our GTA 5 fan-art digest we have collected the latest fan-arts and creative works from all around the Internet.

GTA 5 fan poster GTA Vice City Fan poster

The Grand Theft Auto Collection from Tom van Dijk

Dutch artist Tom van Dijk created these very detailed posters inspired by the GTA game series, meticulously made in the original Vinewood style. Be sure to see all of the works of this wonderful author in high resolution, looking into his own gallery where you will also find art for Red Dead Redemption, as a small bonus.

City Life Car+Lines

City Life and Car+Lines from 4dimensional

The DeviantART user 4dimensional specializes in superbly staged photo-realistic scenes and photos taken at the Rockstar Editor. Art, which you can see above, is only a small part of her splendid collection. If you are wondering how to make something similar, you can go to this page, where you can see the whole process of creating such work and adding filters in Rockstar Editor.

GTA Online Characters

GTA Online Characters from E09ETM

Chinese artist E09ETM aka Meachall, paying tribute to the classic style of the GTA has created this wonderful fan art depicting your character in GTA Online along with images of the characters of her friends. Who would not want to receive such a gift from a friend from an online game?


Jill goes shopping from mattolsonart

The Smoking gun, haversack, brim full of crunchy bundles of banknotes, and kind of creepy gas mask, just in case. Jill, GTA Online character belonging to the artist mattolsonart definitely configured to cut yet not enough green in their future Heists.

Masks Off On Heists

Masks Off On Heists from W_Flemming

Gang member Damned Brotherhood W_Flemming already known to the GTA community for the well-executed portrait of her gang. One year has passed and she again made itself known, this gorgeous art depicting her and her friends during another Robbery. "The Heists are always an adventure, but for those who have not experienced them yet - here is a story. Police, vault doors cracked open and the ruling power of Mr. Dollar are present as usual... what the Grand Theft Auto series are about after all." Must see this video, where W_Flemming revived drawn characters under dynamic soundtrack in the style of the 70s.

GTA V Heist

GTA V Heist from SonOfVeeLasKo

This is a sketch of the team ready for the Heist of the wearer, instead of masks, paper bags, painted on... a paper bag. Drawn SonOfVeeLasKo and depicting Alfredo, EddieSick and HolyFuuu the participating series video from Chilean video blogger Jaidefinichon.

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